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    Recently, I've noticed with my Verizon iPhone 5 that I've had to either push the power button really hard or push it a few times in order for the screen to go on and off. I've had this phone since a few days before it's release (Verizon customers got it early). I noticed when fiddling with the button to see what my problem was that there was a rattling sound. I looked the issue up on the internet and this thread appeared. Whenever I shake my iPhone, the rattling is there, just like a lot of you are mentioning. My phone isn't under warranty anymore and I'm not going to pay for a little problem like this, so I'll leave it as it is. But I do want to achknowledge the issue as many people are having it. My guess, a small design flaw. Other than this, my phone works great.

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    Both my phone and my whifes one (5s silver and gold) hav this problem,i  aplied a thin layer of clear silicone around the power button and viped dry right after that and no more rattling sound. I'll just wait a few days and do the same with the volume buttons since they are a bit lose too.Not recommending this to others but that is what i did , all four iphone 5s i tried had the same annoying sound.

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    This "rattling" of the power button, will be repaired by apple under guarantee. They have set up a worldwide repair operation set up for that.

    Call them, don't do it yourself it will void the warrantee.

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    Done that already on both iphones ,so far so good. Let's see how it works.

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    Hi. I am sorry, but this is not true. In France, Germany and the UK no Apple store or the phone support has heard from such a "kit".

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    It was publicised a few months ago. It is not a "kit". It is repair under guarantee. In the countries you name the guarantee is two years. If you have a rattling power button, bring it in and they have to repair it.

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    Have you got a link to this because Apple says its within spec, nothing is wrong with the phones. I really dont know where you got this info but there is no fix for a rattling power button on the iPhone 5s. Try googling a 'fix' nothing, ask Apple, nothing. Dont spread false information please. Maybe you are getting confused with the home button double click issue.

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    I don't remember the date of that info.

    But it seems that depending on the seriousness of the problem you can easily do it yourself, google it.

    Or from the "specialists":

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    Thats an iPhone 5 they had power buttons that failed, we are talking about iPhone 5s units still in warranty.

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    Hey. This is great for iPhone 5 users, but the 5S is not covered in that program.

    5 Month after having the big troubles with my 5S and 5 month after buying the 5C, I tried to buy a 5S again. It arrived yesterday. This 5S has the worst rattling powerbutton of all 5S I had. What the **** is going on with Apple. Before ordering I called the Apple support cause I wanted to know, if there are new charges out now without that problem. I was told that they do not have the complaints with the 2014 models. I believed him. Guess what I got...a Dec 2013 model.... :-(

    I went to the Apple store and was hoping that the guy puts a few 5S on the table so that I can check if there is a 2014 model. They said they they don't do this kind of service and that the rattling is totally normal. I showed him that it affects calls and video recording. He said that I have to live with it. Expansive "live with it"...899 Euros.

    I now tried again an exchange via the online store. I will see what comes next. At least the guy there was friendly and willing to exchange the phone again.

    I mean, you cannot even make a call during walking!!!!! While you move you hear that "klick, klick, klcik" beside your ear nearly the whole time. That is so annoying. :-(

    But Apple seems to ignore the prob. And I cannot understand that other 5S owner are not annoyed by that. Cause I alone have tried seven 5S now. None of them did not rattle. And stop telling me "it's the camera"! It's not the cam cause it stops when I put the finger on the powerbutton!

    Does anyone really have a model without any klicking of the powerbutton?? Where and when has it been build?


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    I totally agree with you. The rattling power button ruined a lot of videos. At least here in Vancouver, all Apple stores are selling 2013 iPhone 5S models (and we are almost in May 2014), all with rattling power buttons, all probably repackaged either at the store or somewhere in Canada. I very much doubt Apple is shipping back rattling units since they don't see it as a problem. Result is that there is a large number of these defective phones out there. I went through the return/exchange lottery so many times to find a non-rattler and I've always been sold phones manufactured 6 months ago or more, all right before Xmas, all rattling. My wife's iPhone 5S purchased in October 2013 is perfect. Maybe only solution is ordering on-line and getting it directly from China, but honestly, I'm tired of the lack of quality with the 5S. It's an expensive device and customers should not be putting up with this. It's a shame because laptops are still well made, and I love their products, but iPhones are damaging Apple's reputation out there.

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    Can I ask why people are not just retuning the phone as soon as they get it?

    To me that makes more sense than trying to get a multiple national organisation to admit they have a faulty product.

    I'm not saying they don't, but if I brought some thing that I felt was sub standard I'd just take it back rather than trying to get help.

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    Well, for some of us, this is a non-issue.  I always put my phones in a case.  I posted long ago in this thread the solution that I used to fix the issue, however, it only works with a phone in a case and it has to be engineered to work properly.


    The fix I originally used was to take the sticker from an organic apple and fold it over on itself with the sticky part out.  Put that folded sticker over the power button and install the 5s in the case.  My case is the Spigen Tough Armor case as it really does not detract from the design of the 5s at all and it adds great protection.


    The Spigen case fits snugly enough that the sticker was firmly pressed on the button but so much as to cause a permanent click situation, thus it only provided a dampening of the click by preventing the button from the loose movement that causes the rattle in the first place.


    I have since re-engineered the fix to use a thin veneer of surgical grade tacky silicone and there is no rattle in my phone.  Sure for people who like to go 'naked' with their iphone there is no fix, however, if you can live with a really nice case, a fix does exist.