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Since downloading ios7, I can't send emails on my iPad. Help?!?!?!?

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 7, Started having problems after downl
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    Hey cottonqn,



    Thanks for the question. I understand you are experiencing issues with sending emails on your iPad, the following article may help to troubleshoot this:


    iOS: Unable to send or receive email



    If you are unable to send or receive email, try the following steps:


    1. Restart the iOS device.


    2. Tap Safari and attempt to load a webpage to ensure that the device has Internet access. If you're unable to load a webpage, try the Wi-Fi assistant.


    3. Try an alternative Internet connection.

              - If your email is provided by your Internet provider, try connecting from the home network.

              - If your iOS device has an active cellular data plan, try to disable Wi-Fi:  Tap Settings > Wi-Fi and turn off Wi-Fi.

              - If not, try a different Wi-Fi network.


    4. Log in to your email provider's website to ensure that the account is active and the password is correct.


    5. Delete the account from Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and then add the email account again on the iOS device.


    If you're still unable to send or receive email, contact your email provider and verify the account settings are correct. You will need to gather this information (PDF).




    Matt M.