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Bob9870 Level 1 Level 1

Hi everyone, my Bluetooth simply will not work on my iPhone 4 of my iPad 2. It turns on and searches however they don't even discover each other. I have tried to pair it with my car which it des see however I keep getting an error when I try to pair them. I don't even get to the password stage. Any one know a fix for this? Thanks

iOS 7
  • Bob9870 Level 1 Level 1

    This is since the update of iOS 7

  • mickymactsv Level 1 Level 1

    I've got a very similar problem, the bluetooth works fine on my iPhone 5, however steering wheel controls do not function & in addition even if you manually answer it on the phone it cuts in and out of the car bluetooth.


    Talk about frustrating. This was fine on ios 6.

  • cpandmg Level 1 Level 1

    Since installing io7, I am no longer able to pair my iPhone 4S to my Jam Plus wireless speakers.

  • mjhudston Level 1 Level 1

    This seems to be a generic problem.  My IO Play in my car, no longer works with my IPHONE 4s under IOS 7.  It pairs, but that is all.

  • Michael Black Level 7 Level 7

    Basic troubleshooting - remove the pairing in BT settings.  Turn off BT.  Reset the device to be paired to be back in discovery mode (many devices, once paired, never automatically re-enter discoverable mode - you have to force them, often by holding the on/off switch for several seconds).  Now turn BT back on in iOS and try to repair.


    If you are unsure how to force your device back into discoverable mode, check its manual about how to do it and what indicator it should show to let you know it is back in discoverable mode.

  • GaryBendelow Level 1 Level 1

    This has been bugging me since the release of ios 7. I have some Bluetooth speakers that I've used every day without fail until the recent update. Now the pairing & function are sporadic. The phone (4s) will identify & link to the speakers but fail to play any sound, repairing the device sometimes works, switching from podcast to music may occasionally provoke a kick start, but not always so this is nothing short of damned aggravating.


    Well done Apple, we realise your funds are limited & you're constantly updating software and devices so we sympathise.. Hang on what on earth am I wittering on about ???..

    Apple GET IT SORTED this is all over the net & there isn't an apparent solution!!

  • AndrewB62 Level 1 Level 1

    returning wireless speakers to discoverable mode has worked for me, thanks Michael


    now to see if I get the sporadic disconnects that others have reported...

  • mmetzler Level 1 Level 1

    I have a very similar issue connecting my iPhone 4 (that I just upgraded to iOS7) to my 2009 Tahoe Hybrid. Talking on the phone via bluetooth worked near flawlessly when i was on iOS6, but now it works sporadically. It'll ring through the car, then I'll answer it, everything will be fine for 10 secs or so, then it disconnects from the car, then reconnects, over and over. Makes it unusable. The other day, I had to manually switch to talking to the headset instead of bluetooth, while on the call a call beeped in and my car speakers started ringing like i was getting a call, I declined the call, then it just conituned to ring and didnt stop. I even parked, turned off the car, open the door etc and it was STILL ringing, even AFTER I ended the call I was on. Literally just walked away from the car and went inside my home with it still ringing. I assume after being away leaving the bluetooth range it finally stopped since it wasnt ringing when I got back in it later.

  • EvanR Level 1 Level 1

    There are some other discussions on loss of lock screen and control center music controls.



    I believe it is the same issue, which would indicate that it is an issue with the phone, nothing to do with the car/stereo/speakers/etc.


    When I lose Bluetooth control I also lose lock screen (and control center) controls.  Other controls work, but no play, pause, skip forward/back, and of course no song resume on reconnection.  A hard phone reset or power cycle fixes it every time, I never have to mess with the car.  However, the issue re-occurs about every 2-4 days and I have to reset the phone again to get control back.  Does everyone else lose lock screen control at the same time as BT?


    It may be a hardware issue.  I have a 4S.  What phone models are exibiting the BT issue?

  • bjenkins88 Level 1 Level 1

    My iPhone 5 is having an issue with bluetooth as well, and re-pairing and resetting did NOT work for me (followed all the advice and instructions from others including turning the phone off and back on).  My iPhone cuts out during the conversation for about 5 seconds and then comes back.  It does this every few minutes, all throughout the conversation.  It's very embarrassing when I'm on a business call, and I have to apologize.  Fortunately, as soon as I mention the iOS7 update, they usually understand completely. 


    It was working perfectly before I upgraded.  Now it is a safety hazzard because I'm trying to deal with iphone problems while driving. Apple needs to address this before someone has a traffic accident and sues them.

  • michaelfromkearny Level 1 Level 1

    I have an iPad 2 64GB +3G that I recently upgraded to iOS 7. Prior to the upgrade I was able to pair my Bluetooth Arctic P311 headphones easily. After the upgrade, it took me several tries over two days to finally pair it. I did one thing differently for the successful attempt. I tapped on the bar that listed the P311. Previously I don't recall having to do that. Still acting weird even though it has paired. Right next the DEVICES on the Bluetooth screen there is a spinning circle which I believe is the buffering symbol. It just keeps spinning although pairing has been done. I have a Bluetooth keyboard which I have yet to try. 

  • GaryBendelow Level 1 Level 1

    Just to add to my previous comment I've now noticed an issue with wifi. Never before have I had to reboot my router, I know from the management panel that it has a limit on the wifi devices attached to it.

    Since the ios7 update I've had to reboot the router twice.

    I can only think that every time I awaken the iPhone it's effectively connecting as a new device and therefore being allocated a new ip address on my network.

    This may also be at the root of the bluetooth problem, that it is effectively seeing it as a new device. I recently came to this idea because I had paired my phone to the speakers but placed the music on pause, did a few things & the phone went into lock mode, I then switched my laptop on and it immediately paired with the speakers, which it shouldn't normally do. So it does make you wonder "what's the point of having a bluetooth headset, carphone etc. if the phone forgets its connection as soon as it's in lock mode"


    Apple if I've solved your problem I'd like to remind you I work on a commission basis !!

  • Bob454 Level 1 Level 1

    For me this is not just bluetooth, it is also with the physical connection. In my vehicle I was able with IOS6 and my iPhone 4S to connect via bluetooth or cable and use the head unit to control music ie pause/play, track forward/reverse. This is no longer possible with IOS7. I just plugged on old iPhone 3GS I use as an iPod Touch into it and it works fine (with IOS6 of course)


    I also have a plantronics bluetooth headset that no longer works properly. It will play music, but the controls don't work. This is clearly an IOS7 issue.


    It's to believe with all the testing Apple supposedly does that on OS gets released like this. It's like I'm back with Microsoft again.

  • diesel vdub Level 7 Level 7

    Bob9870 wrote:


    Hi everyone, my Bluetooth simply will not work on my iPhone 4 of my iPad 2. It turns on and searches however they don't even discover each other.

    They are not supposed to.  This has never been a feature of iOS.

    Supported Bluetooth Profiles

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