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I'm looking for the screen shots of how to even start setting up the time machine. I see the instructions for once you get there, but it doesn't do me any good if it can't show me how to start. This should be easy to pull up. This is a Mac. This should be fairly straightforward. Right? So, why no instuctions on how to start Time Machine, its options, settings, and all that?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)
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    It's pretty simple if you connect a new hard drive to your Mac. Time Machine will ask if you want to use it. Click yes and you're done setting it up.


    If it is not a new hard drive, or you have previously declined, open Time Machine Prefs, Select Disk, Done.


    What else do you want to "set up?"


    There really are no other options or settings unless you want to exclude items.

    Click on Options..., Select the items you want to Exclude, Save. Done.

    If you select system folders, it will ask if you want to exlcude all system folders and just back up data.

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    Thank you for the effort, but that's not exactly what I'm looking for.


    So far, from the instructions I've found, all I get are these vague references to pull them up. I know they exist. I've seen them before. I've set them up before. Your instructions follow the same assumptoin that all the other instructions have. I'd like to know how to get to these magical options.


    Let's assume I've prevsiouly declined a new drive for Time Machine and have just turned on my Mac, and now, I'd like to open the Time Machine Prefs. Where would I go to do this? And more important, are there screen shots to show step by step instructions?

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    System Preferences. Time Machine.

    System Preferences is something you should know about if you do not. You can access it from the Apple Menu, and it is a default item in the Dock.


    I have no idea where there are screen shots.

    There's one slider and two buttons. Not really a lot to look at, or be confused by.

    The slider says ON and OFF.

    One button says "Select Disk"

    The other says "Options..."


    If you wish to select a disk, choose "Options..."

    Just kidding.


    There are no "magical options."


    For Step by step instructions:

    To turn on Time Machine:

    1. Slide switch to On.

    To turn off Time Machine:

    1. Slide switch to Off

    To select a disk to use:

    1. Click Select Disk.

    2. Select a Disk.

    To Remove a Disk:

    1. Click Select Disk.

    2. Select Disk.

    3. Click Remove Disk.

    To exclude Items:

    1. Click Options...

    2. Click Add (  + ) button.

    3. Select folder to exclude.

    4. Click Save.

    To remove items from exclusion:

    1. Click Options...

    2. Select item

    3. Click Remove ( - ) button.

    4. Click Save.

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    Here's a video. It is a bit out of date, though.


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    "System Preferences. Time Machine." is key to what I was looking for, because without knowing how to get started, nothing else matters. Thanks. You'd think it would be easier. Seems like a few extra steps than I recall, but it will do. Thanks again.

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    The definitive reference for time machine, in my opinion:





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    You need to learn more about using a Mac. System Preferences is a fundimental part of configuring your Mac.

    I would just poke around inside of it, but there might be something in some of the videos you can find at the same place as the other.