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My son got the slvr without itunes. (mistake) He wants to download songs to the slvr and we were told that they had to be in mp3 format for this to work. Is there anyway to reformat itunes, which are in acc format, to the mp3 format on my computer?

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    Hiya bobandearl, if you havn't managed to do it already here's a handy little freeware app I use to convert my tracks to mp3s MAC3DEC

    It's a drag & drop, hope it helps...

    - Ryan

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    Welcome to the discussions, bobandearl.

    When you use the word "iTunes" to describe the music files what exactly do you mean? If you mean songs you have purchased from the iTunes Music Store (iTMS), then you must first burn the songs to an Audio CD and import them as MP3. This Apple KB article can help you: How to Burn an Audio CD in iTunes for Mac.

    If, on the other hand, you are refering to songs you have imported to iTunes from commerical CDs the easiest way will be to convert those songs to MP3 files. Again, the Apple KB can help: iTunes: How to convert a song to a different file format. You can also re-import the songs from the original CD.

    (FYI: songs purchased from the iTMS are protected, 128Kbps AAC files and cannot be directly converted to another format in iTunes.)
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    Thank you for your suggestion. We ended up transfering the itunes to a cd and then changing the format to mp3.
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    Thank you very much for your reply. We did finally figure out the way to change the itunes format to mp3. As you said, we put them on a cd and then reformatted them through the computer. Motorola offered no help at all. I finally got the answer from www.askbobrankin.com.