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I used to be able to delete a particuarly episode of a podcast.  Now even when I delete them, and I reply I want to move it to trash, it remains in my iTunes list of podcasts with the icloud symbol, waiting to be downloaded again. Unfortunately, some of the podcasts have hundreds of episodes, and I don't want them cluttering up my view, I only want to see the ones I plan to listen to next. This seems to have happened with the last iTunes update. I've tried changing all the settings, including to keep only unplayed, but it's not fixing the problem.

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    Hello Dakotakim


    Try and delete it again, I was able to remove the podcasts that have the cloud button. Also check out the settings for your podcast to only keep certain episodes.


    How to delete content you've downloaded from the iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore, or Mac App Store



    iTunes 11 for Mac: Choose podcast settings



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    -Norm G.

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    Thanks norm123.  I tried again and was able to delete SOME, but not others, so that helped a little.


    There seems no pattern in terms of date, either.  Four episodes download each day.  It also doesn't matter which podcast I'm working in, a free one from iTunes or one that I have paid for from a third party.


    There are about 15 individual episodes I've tried to delete without success, even if I download and listen to them (or fastforward) again and then try to delete.  Other episodes in the same podcast series downloaded  a day or before or after will delete without problems.


    I've restarted iTunes and rebooted my computer.  When I highlight one of the problem episodes, the Delete key is nonfunctional, and in the menu bar, the Delete option under Edit is grayed out.


    I also tried all of the optional settings.  I haven't tried "just save the last 10" because there are about 100 and I don't want to lose them (a long trip coming up, gotta have fresh podcasts to keep me company).  Even when I choose "keep all unplayed" the played ones don't go away.


    I have switched to the "My Podcasts" view and it doesn't show the zombie podcasts, but it has them in the wrong order and is hard to manage because of the size and spacing.


    P.S.  I asked a similar question on another thread Titled "deleting old podcasts", and Roger Wilmut1 said "this is a recent change to the design of iTunes - I think it's done to bring podcasts into line with songs in the way it operates, but it's annoying a lot of people.  At the moment there's nothing you can do about it, though the "My Podcasts" view shows only downloaded podcasts"


    At least I was able to get rid of SOME of them after trying again, as you suggested, but I look forward to the time when it is consistent.