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I have an iPhone 4 (old phone, running off wifi) called "Justin's iPhone" that has Find my iPhone enabled, and it displays the location correctly (back at home).

However my new 5S shows the phone to be online, but "No Location Available" while I'm at work. I have full bars 4G here, and have tried turn off FMi and on again in the iCloud settings. Any thoughts?

iPhone 5s, iOS 7
  • pedro d Community Specialists

    Hello there, JShaw22.


    The following Knowledge Base article provides some good insight on troubleshooting Find My iPhone on your iOS Device:


    iCloud: Troubleshooting Find My iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac




    "No location available," "Offline," or "Location Services Off" alerts

    This can occur if:

    • The date on your device is incorrect. This can be set in Settings > General > Date & Time.
    • Your iOS device is currently off or not connected to a data network (Edge, 3 or 4G, or Wi-Fi). Wait a few minutes and try again.
    • Your iPad (Wi-Fi only), iPod Touch, or Mac is currently off or not connected to a Wi-Fi network.
    • Location Services is not enabled on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch in Settings or on your Mac in Date & Time preferences. Learn more about Location Services on your Mac with OS X Lion or OS X Mountain Lion.
    • You are located in a country where Apple does not offer this feature. This feature may not be available in all countries due to technical limitations or local law.

    Thanks for reaching out to Apple Support Communities.



    Pedro D.

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    If you followed the steps Pedro provided and your device is still showing as "online, no location available" try this out.


    During the Location Services step:


    Settings > Privacy > open Location Services (even if it says "On") > turn Find My iPhone "On."


    For whatever reason, every time I checked Location Services and saw that is was "On,"  I would just move on to the next step without clicking on it.  It turns out that Location Services were enabled for all of my Apps except Find My iPhone.  All I had to do was swipe it on and enter my Apple ID & Password.  Once complete the Find My iPhone App was able to locate my iPad 2nd Gen.


    I hope this helps!



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    This is happening to me too.  I used to use FMi frequently because I live in a big house and often don't remember where I've left my phone.  I can use the "play sound" feature and the phone responds promptly, but FMi still can't show me the location of my phone on a map.

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    I had the same problem. "Online. No Location Available" message, but the "Play Sound" feature worked promptly.  Make sure the Date & Time settings on BOTH your iPhone and iCloud are set correctly.  My iPhone settings were correct, but my iCloud Settings were set to the wrong time zone.  Once I fixed the iCloud Settings to the correct timezone, the Find My Phone service synced immediately and started working correctly.

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    I Had this problem had tried the suggested solutions but they didn't work- so I checked my open web pages and I had many that were still open. Once I closed them all, "find my iphone" worked perfectly. 

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    iPad 3, 7.1.2

    I had everything turned on correctly but device wouldn't show up in FMIP. Tried loads of stuff, eventually tried restarting iPad. Then it showed up but location not available in FMIP (even in the app running on itself!?). Could use play sound from my iPhone to it. Messed around turning stuff on and off, eventually tried putting into airplane mode then out , then it worked. Cheers Apple for over an hours wasted time and a random solution. 

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    Hey man,


    I tried everything, then something as simple as airplane mode worked perfectly! Thanks

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    I agree with AUSSIEVP.


    Make sure BOTH your phone AND iCloud are set to the right Date & Time. The time zone on my icloud was wrong, but once I fixed it, it immediately synced and was able to show location.