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I lost my iPhone and not sure if I will replace it with another iPhone or not.  If I choose not to is there a way to extract my contacts (and possibly other data) out of the backup so that I could load them somehow (even if only manually) onto my new phone?





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    There are a number of paid and free iPhone backup extractor programs. I use iScavenge for Mac, but there are many more. A web search will be rewarding. Most of them can produce a CSV file of contacts, some can do an LDIF, both of which can be imported into most address book apps.

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    Thanks!Best wish!!!

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    I think restoring is not a way to get back your contact in iCloud * i think its not possible physically .
    There are some other possible ways to do this ...
    You may restore bit ago and did this in hurry and yet your contacts was not loaded * it will be better to be connected with Wifi even after restoring process * this will make sure that your all iCloude data loads up properly .

    Other possible reason that you had more than one accounts that had Contacts switched on.you will have to Make sure that no your other account has your Contacts toggled on. its very essential.you will have to Make sure that simply iCloud has Contacts toggle on. Settings> iCloud.this thing happen when user's other account tries to restore the contacts at same time.
    If you dont have time constraint * or what else you do..it will not be possible to get back your contacts *simply delete your iCloud account and then add this again. Follow Settings> iCloud> tap the red "Delete Account" button. Restart your device.
    Add your iCloud account again.
    Make sure contacts is toggled on..
    And certainly you make sure there should be no other accounts have Contacts toggled on before deleting and re-adding the iCloud account.
    For more info visit:  http://bit.do/recover-iphone-contacts

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    Depends on the last time you did a sync / backup. If you had the photos and synced, deleted photos then did a restore from the most recent backup, they should be there again. If you don't, you can restore the photos using two methods, recover deleted photos from iPhone via iTunes or restore directly from iPhone device using iPhone data recovery app which goes fast scanning and loading. In less than half minute, all the files in my iphone 5 were scanned. Then i can find the lost data under certain category. And what's lost and what's existed are classified too.

    PS: there are a lot of such software on the net, I just Google them and list some of them.


    Coolmuster iPhone extractor

    http://www.coolmuster.com/ios-recovery/how-to-extract-iphone-from-itunes-backup. html


    Vibosoft Extractor app



    iPubsoft iOS backup extractor



    iStonsoft iPhone/iPad/iPod backup extractor



    and more...