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I and several neighbors have tried to correct an error in

Apple Maps that places a Walmart on my quiet cul de sac.


I have reported this problem at least a dozen times.

I have moved the pin to the correct location over and over.

And it has been at least a year since it was first reported.

It has become a security issue because of people searching

For Walmart 24/7.


Does anyone have suggestions for how to get this resolved?

iPhone 4S, iOS 7
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    Does it also have the same issue in Google Maps or Mapquest?  As far as I know, the only resource available to you is precisely what you've been doing: reporting it on your phone as an incorrect location.  Perhaps if it's also wrong in Yelp, then you can report to them as well.  On the extreme end, perhaps file a police report about it with the rest of your community and see if they can speak to Apple on your behalf?


    I'm sorry to hear about that; would freak me out for sure.