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Ok. Ever since I updated OTA (no computer handy) to iOS 7 I have had nothing but problems.


1. iMessage and FaceTime do not work. Will not allow me to sign in.

2. Every app I open tells me to "connect to iTunes to receive notifications."  Sometimes repetitively enough to keep me for even being able to use the app.

3. If I try to locate my iPad using find my iPhone, it says it's offline (which it is not).


Now, I can access iTunes Store and the App Store no problem. I can surf the web, connect to other messaging programs, send and receive email, use Facebook, etc... I can even connect to iCloud to backup. It's like half the network related stuff isn't working and half is. Anybody?


Device: 128GB 4th gen iPad, wifi only.


I'm trying to avoid doing a complete restore. (Ain't nobody got time fo dat!)



iPad (4th gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 7, 128GB
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    You most likely will have to find time "fo dat" or you will not be able to use your iPad again. At the very least, I think that you are going to have to sync with your iTunes library in order to make the "connect to iTunes to receive Push Notifications" message to go away.


    Two weeks ago I actually found time "fo dat" and backed up my iPad, restored my iPad to factory settings, restored from my backup and synced all of my content back from iTunes in about an hour and a half.


    "Dat" didn't take up more than 90 minutes of my day and it was well worth doing.

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    I'm afraid you're right. I was just trying one last shot before doing the full backup and restore route.


    Thanks for your input!



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    Hey Demo,


    One of our teams is going to be 0-4 in London Sunday. O.o