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Was there an upgrade to Bluetooth in iOS7? I can no longer connect my upgraded 4S to my logitech UE Boombox. My wife's iPhone 5 running iOS 6.1.3 connects instantly.


Is there a fix for this?

iPhone 4S, iOS 7, iPad (3) and iPhone 4S
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    I would remove the device from the iPhone Bluetooth list, put both devices back into discovery/pairing mode and attempt to connect them again. Another choice is to go into Settings>General>Reset>Reset All Settings. That should clear anything out and let you start over again. This will not affect your data.

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    Thanks. The problem is that my iPhone does not discover the speaker so there is nothing to delete.


    A reset settings has not worked. That's why I wondered if this is due to some change in the iPhone's Bluetooth.

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    If it was ever paired to the speaker it should show up on the list of paired devices. You said it would no longer connect, which implies that at one time it did. That is when you should be able to delete it from the list.

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    Yes, it paired before I upgraded to iOS7. I wiped the phone after the upgrade then restored from  a backup Created right after the upgrade. That fixed the iMessage problem but not the bluetooth problem.

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    If you restored from backup and the speaker had been paired, it should have returned in the list. If you have Bluetooth turned on, you cannot see anything in the list of paired devices? Make sure you put the speakers in pairing/discovery mode and then turn on Bluetooth, they should discover each other.

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    Tanks. As I mentioned, it just won't pair I know the problem is not in the speaker because as my iOS 7 phone is futilely trying to discover the speaker, my wife's iOS 6 phone will pair almost instantly.


    I noted on another discussion that iOS7 is having problems pairing with Bluetooth systems in several different automobile models.

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    Well, don't take a lot of stock in what you read there. Most of the time when a phone will not pair with a vehicle is because they are using older technology. As new phones are produced they represent the latest in Bluetooth technology. Automobile manufacturers do not concern themselves with updating firmware for the audio systems they install in their cars. Try this support document and see if it helps.


    If you think it is the phone, what troubleshooting have you tried since you wiped the phone? Try a reset and see if that helps. Otherwise, you may need to take the device to Apple to see if something has happened to the Bluetooth chip. Can you pair the phone with any other Bluetooth device?

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    Well, I just got it to pair with my Kensington wireless keyboard from my iPad case. I guess my next step is to contact Logitech and see if they have any information about their product and iOS7--unless you can point me in a different direction.



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    I had the exact same problem.  Push the bluetooth button (between the + and - buttons) on your speaker while your iPhone is searching for the device.  The speaker should show up pretty quickly.

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    That worked. Thanks

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    I have the same problem.  My iPhone 6 IOS 9 cannot pair with older logitech bluetooth speaker.

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    My iPhone 6s would not connect my Logitech.  I did as stated, reset all, and now it works.  Thank you