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I left my iPhone on a transit bus, all the way in the back, I remember putting it back in my not-so-deep pocket and it must have slipped out and fell on the chair. It made no sound as I would have turned if it did and only another man was sitting two seats to my left. Seeing as %90 of people would never give an iPhone5 to the driver to say it belonged to someone else, I assumed it would be taken right away. I ran to work and used my friend`s iPhone to login to Find My iPhone but it showed no registered devices o.O. I ran back and talked to the driver of the next bus who reported a lost item to the previous bus driver but it may have been too late. I tried many things such as calling my provider to suspend my account on the phone as I remembered I did not have data turned on and I did call the phone countless times, it was on vibrate but I am sure the person who had it chose not to respond. I also reported it to the police and called Apple the next day who let me know that my phone had been wiped by whoever had it. Now I decided to try registering the Serial Number to the Apple ID I always used to download apps and stuff and confirmed that it was registered to a different Apple ID. I suddenly remebered another Apple ID I had made right when I bought the phone and found that my phone was registered to it. A little hope was restored. I put the phone into Lost Mode and it has been pending for a few days now as the phone has been offline the whole time. Now some questions:

  • If Find My iPhone is off on iCloud on the settings on the phone itself does it show the registered device as offline and any modes as pending even if it is connected to the internet or does it let you know that it has been turned off on the phone?
  • If Find My iPhone was turned off before the installation of iOS7, was it automatically turned on after the installation?
  • Is there anyway to check or install personal info from a phone locked with a passcode on the computer?
  • If Find My iPhone may have been turned off and automatically turned on after iOS7, does the person have to enter the Apple ID and password the phone is currently registered to when trying to turn Find My iPhone off and does this stay the same when the phone has been restored?
  • Can an iPhone be restored without entering any security info after iOS7?
  • If the phone is locked and can't be restored without entering the passcode or the Apple ID and password, does the person have no way of connecting the phone to the internet for me to track, lock or erase it?
  • The fact that this iPhone's Serial Number is still registered to my Apple ID, does it mean that my phone has not been restored yet or does it stay registered no matter what until I remove it myself? And can they make their own Apple account, if yes, does this affect mine in anyway?

I did mention being told my phone was wiped but I may have heard it wrong and the whole conversation is a bit blurry. Thank you in advance for answering.   

iPhone 5, iOS 7