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Listen everyone I am not the Almighty Einstien of the cyberwasteland  so please bare with me.  I downloaded the new Itunes up date 11.0 and to my horror my streaming radio was gone.  In its place was some sort of Pandora type setup.  If you want to do Pandora than fine.  If you want to out do Pandora fine. BUT  Leave the radio alone.   Some of us just like radio stations.   All are different and have a variety that is as old as AM and underground FM radio.  Itunes had the best set up. I want to be able change a station in the genre that i am listening to just like the radio.   When you have a winner nurture it don't discard it.  Right now I don't want to download anything because I am afraid that it will take out my radio on itunes.     It would  have been nice if you would have given folks warning and  at least the ability to go back to streaming radio or 10.7.   I hope you guys can fix this.  Thanks Glen

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.5)