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HAd all my music perfectly arranged in folders by artist and albums. When installing Itunes my library was a mess, suddenly arranged in hundreds of new folders. HOw to fix the mess?????

Windows Vista
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    Unless you have a pre-upgrade backup of your entire library it is unlikely that the previous structure can be be restored easily. Given that you will normally use one application or another to play your music it shouldn't really matter. That said, I am particular about the layout of my library and have some tools to move things around. Is there an easy way to describe the previous layout? It may be possible to tweak one of my tools for your needs.



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    Sure. My music were stored by artist, one folder for each artist. In there subfolders for all albums. Easy peasy... It was easy to find what I was looking for, but now I can´t find anything..

    Do you know why this happens? Is this a common problem?

    Thanks in advance..


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    Hmm, that is the same way iTunes does it... Old school iTunes (8 & earlier) would put the artist folders inside the media folder which used to be called iTunes Music, these days the default name for the media folder is iTunes Media and music goes to iTunes Media\Music\<Artist>\<Album>. What exactly are you seeing now and how is it different from what you had before?