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itunes sometimes (but not always) changes the modification date of an mp3 file when playing the file.  This wrecks havoc on incremental backups.  How do I prevent this from happening?


The file itself is unchanged, as determined by md5 checksum and by inspection of the complete list of ID3V2 tags.  But the modification date is `touched`.


I have seen this behavior with itunes 10.6.3, 10.7, and 11.1.


Among things that it isn't: I don't have an automatic lyrics downloader, it does not depend on whether the mp3 files has lyrics, and it does not depend on the presence of a 'year' tag (one place on the web suggested that it might come from changing the year from #### to ##/##/#### format).

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    I seem to have found the problem.  Some mp3 files that did not have a track number set had nonsense data for the track ID3 'TRCK'.  Setting it solves the problem (you can even erase it later).