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  • louloubes Level 1 Level 1

    I find also that ios7 is very slow on my iphone 4S and a lot of basics apps seems to crash.

    I unfortunately don't have enough money to change my iphone every year.

    Someone said that the new look of the icons are plain and boring and looks like android: i agree.

    I like apple because they are always forward, on the ios7 they are more followers.

    I hope apple will release a new version of ios7 with a better optimization for all the iphone 4 and 5, and with less unusefull animations.

  • TJBUSMC1973 Level 5 Level 5

    ritelec wrote:


    Oh....2 mill downloaded and only 1 mill are disappointed?

    Seams fare...................if your on the side of the mill that approved.............


    What a racketr these people have,,,,,,,,,, not just the Apple, but the cahoots with the mobile phone companies..


    Maybe next time they should also get involved with politics........if they aren't already....  :- o


    What, specifically, is your point?  As you yourself posted:


    ritelec wrote:


    Didn't review the ios7 before I installed it.


    Does this also mean you did not read the Terms & Conditions before reading it?


    You state that you learned your lesson with OS X.  Why did you not apply the lessons you learned with OS X to iOS?  You chose to stop at 10.5.8.  The iOS was actually going from 6.X to 7.X, a much bigger change than 10.5.X to 10.6.X would be.


    I fail to understand how anyone else is responsible for you choosing to update your iOS device, without doing any research, especially after you've had similar issues with OS X in the past.

  • Mark D Larsen Level 1 Level 1

    If anyone is interested, after talking twice to customer support, including two supervisors, and after submitting written feedback twice, a month has gone by without any response from Apple to address my particular situation.


    Since my iPhone is now orphaned, and will no longer sync with the very same PowerPC version of iTunes that installed it... today I re-activated my old LG cell phone, de-activated the iPhone, and threw it in a drawer. A very expensive paperweight.


    Thanks so much, Apple, for emasculating my iPhone --with nary a warning of the incompatibility with the prompt to upgrade to iOS 7.



  • ritelec Level 1 Level 1

    TJBUSMC1973.......again......used the word update not upgrade.


    I don't have to diffend myself.but will mention. FYI.....I stopped at the 10.5.8 because of third party apps.

    That I have that would not work or are not qualified with the updates and upgrades to the mac....................

    Rather that paying for the 3rd party upgrades every time apple updated or upgraded I choose to stop where I did.


    As far as reading the terms and where did I see it written




    If you do upgrades or updates on the mac and stay in the box with the mac......all should be good..

    If you do an update or upgrade on an iphone and stay in the box.all should be good....


    THEIR upgrade turned THEIR phone running THEIR stuff into a glorified door stop.

    Apparently, your phone was not affected.



  • deggie Level 9 Level 9

    So here is a new personal rule for you: When you but a device NEVER upgrade the OS on it.


    Problem solved.

  • tteewurst Level 1 Level 1

    You can't be honest with that, deggie. Nothing is solved.

    I came here looking for a way to downgrade from iOS 7 to iOS 6, too.


    The way iOS 7 works on my iPhone 4 is just not acceptable. I really like the way iOS 7 is looking (at most, at least) and the updates it contains, but I really, really have to say that it was a big mistake to publish it for the iPhone 4!

    I have always loved my iPhone. But since I upgraded to iOS 7, I really want to throw it away right into the bin. Of course it didn't help to look at screenshots or videos of the OS on the net (especially the one apple published looked quite good, expectably) before upgrading; it is so TERRIBLY slow, that apple could have impossibly shown this laggy system somewhere on their website.


    Some facts:

    I have to wait at least THREE seconds until I am able to unlock my phone. Otherwise the "Slide to unlock"-Bar/Screen doesn't react to nothing. I have to wait at least 4 SECONDS before Safari opens up (if I didn't use it for a couple of hours). Another couple of secs until the adressbar opens up the keyboard. I can type for about 4 to 5 SECONDS and see the letters appear one after another 5 seconds later. They seem to appear as if they were typed by an invisible hand. I don't even want to talk about trying to open up the camera right from the lock-screen; again, this is just not acceptable and watching that stuttering on such an expensive piece of tech would make me crack up if it wasn't my phone.


    I am so close to change brands here as my contact just expired and as the HTC One has always been a device I liked pretty much. I always thought that android was a bit laggy, but this is just.. incredible. Restored the device a couple of times, didn't change anything. I would throw my phone out of the window if it didn't cost that much. How am I even supposed to sell this thing now, if it lags even more than a symbian smartphone of 2007?!


    I really expect an official (helpful!) comment on this issue. And not just something like "your fault, haha". That doesn't help much, thanks anyways.

    As it always is, I'm out of warranty. Great. Struggling with this for weeks now. Would immediately return the phone, if I could! I'd even create a video for you guys if you don't believe me - but plan to spend a couple of minutes watching it before you are able to see some kind of reaction on the screen.

  • Fred0272 Level 1 Level 1

    Mohammed, I totally agree with you, IOS slows the iphones a lot and make them act weird, i am just about to burn my Iphone and go for a galaxy, I used to love apple but after all these issues with the IOS 7 and iphones , I feel dissapointed. I am not generalizing because as far as computers is conconcern they have the best but when talking about cel phones, update after update we see many glitches.

  • Fred0272 Level 1 Level 1

    what we need is a new version to fix all the problems these IOS 7.0.3 brought to us. I am having the same issues and try to reset my cell phone couple of times and is just a waste of time. APPLE HELP US PLEASE

  • Fred0272 Level 1 Level 1

    have the same issue and to have done all kind of reset i found on google, disable things and even like that, I still have the same issues you are having, THE QUESTION HERE IS: WHAT IS APPLE GOING TO DO TO HELP US FIX THESE ISSUES BROUGHT BY YOUR IOS 7.0.3???? is not one one person having the issues but many with the same problem.

  • Fred0272 Level 1 Level 1

    We should gather all broken Iphones, called a local news channel and burned them all in front of cameras. I guess apple after receiving all the trucks full with penies from the Koreans now want to treat their customers the same way. they suck, apple suck!!!!!!!!

  • David Shanahan Level 3 Level 3

    iOS 7 on an iPhone 4 is never going to be as snappy as on an iPhone 5s but it shouldn't be *that* slow. Many many people are running it quite successfully on iPhone 4, instead of looking at downgrading your phone to iOS 6 (which you are by now well aware is impossible) you should be trying to resolve your performance problems with iOS 7.


    Maybe you've already tried things, I don't know, but if you search on this website (and do some Googling too) you will find a lot of things you can try to improve iOS 7 performance. If you can't resolve the issue that way then open a new discussion on the subject of your performance issues and say what things you've already tried and what the issue(s) are, etc.

  • Thom_D Level 4 Level 4

    @tteewurst  Did you restore your iPhone from a backup when you installed iOS 7?  If so there may be something in the backup that is causing the problems you are having.  I have updated my iPad 2, iPhone 4 and 4S to iOS 7.0.3 and they all run just fine.  They are certainly not as snappy as an iPhone 5 or 5S would be but I am not experiencing any of the things you are reporting.  My devices run fine and I actually have really good battery life too.


    You might try restoring your phone as new (using iTunes not an over the air restore)  and then DO NOT RESTORE FROM THE BACKUP.  I realize that this will be a pain, but you will have a nice fresh install of iOS on your phone with no apps or old saved data to gum it up and slow it down.  Then install your apps manually.  and see if you can identify the app that may be causing your problem, or if it is something in the backup that you can't see that is causing the problem.


    You won't have old photos or text messages so you might save them manually first.


    Also I would recommend turning off the update in the background settings.  They take up a lot of your phone's resources. 


    Good luck.

  • ritelec Level 1 Level 1



    have the same issue and to have done all kind of reset i found on google, disable things and even like that, I still have the same issues you are having, THE QUESTION HERE IS: WHAT IS APPLE GOING TO DO TO HELP US FIX THESE ISSUES BROUGHT BY YOUR IOS 7.0.3???? is not one one person having the issues but many with the same problem.




    Nothing..absolutley nothing..... we will buy more phones and they will make more money.

  • ritelec Level 1 Level 1

    @tteewurst ..............." but I am not experiencing any of the things you are reporting.  My devices run fine and I actually have really good battery life too."


    I know a bunch of people with the 4 and 4s all having issues........but one........he seems to not be affected...

    Maybe a certain batch is uneffected???

    I know several verizon iphones customers (including me) who's phones are terrible........

    Guess Verizon got the bad batch...........................


    So did we.


    And they don't want to hear it either.......

    I got a choice to put up with it.......cancel my contract and open another with the 5s for $300........or down and out buy a new 5s for $600 and change.......


    which is a drag cause I just got this thing in april..........

    What a racket.

  • pharoah2000 Level 1 Level 1

    my wifi and bluetooth stop working right after upgrading to 7. The genius bar (no genius there though) says it is because my wireless hardware is bad.


    I simply do not believe them, it was working till the iphone 4s was upgraded to 7. I want to downgrade the firmware to prove what Apple genius bar said was wrong, the firmware simply can not handle the hardware of 4s.


    I am very upset about the genius bar, and have decide to buy a google phone.

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