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    Reply to citationcj2


    NO! Since Apple stops signing IOS 6.1.3 it´s impossible to downgrade from Ios 7 with i tunes, not even by any other program unless the SHS blobs being saved.


    You could downgrade before Apple still was signing IOS 6.1.3, Sep 21, 2013

    Try to upgrade to IOS 7.0.4 and back to 6.1.3 , good luck !

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    This is pretty much par for the course when it comes to Apple fans responding to peoples' inquires.


    Apparently we live in an age where a customer simply saying "I liked iOS 6 better" isn't a valid enough reason for Apple to allow legitimate users to downgrade. Not only is simple preference not enough, but now we've reached a point where no reason can be considered adequate to downgrade, just out of the fear that a small minority of consumers might tamper with the software. In reality, it's Apple's fault for not adequately ensuring that such a vulnerability is not possible. "But that's not possible!", you scream. And you're exactly right. Apple is fighting a losing battle and screwing customers in the process, all in the name of the almighty dollar. In some ways, as a capitalist, I admire it. But the fact that most Apple kids are vapid, whiny socialists is hilarious in a way.

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    After running iOS 6 for some time my iPad appeared to have a problem with memory disappearing.  I figured it was a cache problem so I decided to reinstall the iOS then discovered I didn't have the opportunity to keep using iOS 6 and was required to update.  I did this.  I like the appearance of iOS 7 but there are a few problems.  The iPad has slower response times, when using the new Safari if I touch on the address bar, my page disappears from view, making it impossible to copy down key words from the text for my search (especially when the words and in different languages). Instead I get presented with a bunch of icons with Chinese or Japanese text that I have never been inspired to touch.  Also, some of my home movies have had to be reconverted in order to play, and the video on some of my purchased tutorials that used to play fine on ios6 sometimes freeze on iOS 7 while the audio continues.  I hope these will be addressed by Apple.  The iPad became my most used device though recently I use my MacBooks, Desktop Macs and other systems more while these problems exist.

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    I want to downgrade too. iOS7 is full of bugs. One of the most important: Find my iPad feature turns off after a few hours.

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    "Apparently we live in an age where a customer simply saying "I liked iOS 6 better" isn't a valid enough reason for Apple to allow legitimate users to downgrade."


    On the flip side...................

    As mentioned, I traded in my iphone 4 (with ios upgrade to 7) to verizon........


    To not mess with my account and termination fee (on a phone I had 3 months), I was able to buy a new ipad and up the phone to a 5s...........


    The ipad came with ios6 and I will not upgrade it. Three weeks later,

    my grandson received an ipad for came with ios7.................

    I went to Verizon and mentioned this hoping maybe to get a replacement to a newer ipad with ios7 compatibility.


    I asked if these ipads where in the back, and stocked and rotated like milk.......... older in front.

    He said yes, and hey could not change it for a newer one because I did not like the software.........

  is what it is......................


    Notice too with the ios7..........  if you want to sink it to your computer via need to have the current itunes version........which in my case meant upgrading my mac OSX.......... which I didn't want to do...but did...........


    INSANE !!!!

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    can i re-update io7 in iphone4????/

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    Yes, Restore it in iTunes.

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    Can I downgrade ios7.0.4 to 6.1.3 for iphone 4.I Can't stand on ios7.Please please solve my problem.

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    Please see the first response on page 1 of this thread.

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    I solved the problems with iPhone and iOS7. I sold this device and migrate to android.


    Now I don't have problems with battery discharging, slow contact lists etc. My phone works now and I don't need struggle with it.


    I promised to move from iDevices and I made first step.

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    Well done! You are helping us in making Apple realise this anti-consumer behaviour cannot continue forever. THANK YOU for making it just a little more likely Apple will do something about this. Don't forget to write some honest feedback at to say your final goodbyes.

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    HI.. you mentioned before that I could go to itunes to go back to the 6.1.3 version for my iphone...can you give further instructions? thanks!

  • Meg St._Clair Level 9 Level 9

    Tess from Abington wrote:


    HI.. you mentioned before that I could go to itunes to go back to the 6.1.3 version for my iphone...can you give further instructions? thanks!

    No, you cannot.

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    Some good news.  My Telstra account is working fantastically with my iPhone 4S and iOS7 at the moment.  There must have been an incompatibility on Telstra's side, as the problems did not appear when using an Optus or Vodafone sim.  There are still some issues with the Japanese keyboard sometimes not appearing in full when using pages on the iPad, and I would like to be able to customise the feel of Safari, but it looks as though Mac are progressively addresing issues with iOS7.  I still haven't ruled out the idea of upgrading to an iPhone 6 when it is released.  I like the feel of Mac hardware.  Most of my friends are transitioning to other companies but I [and extended family] are hanging in there with Apple for now.

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    I had this problem and have an easy fix. I installed find my friends app, then added a security option on kids' phones that it cannot be turned off without a passcode (not necessary for wife and older kids :-) so it is just one place on my phone and easy to use. Hope this helps you