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    Right !

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    I see what you mean... well, I think it because I actually got a much better response and service than I expected, such as:


    - they would ship, test the phone, and ship it back without cost in any case

    - they actually informed me of my rights, which isn't common, and more or less told me what to do

    - including shipping it was quickly handled

    - and if they would have said that they didn't consider it as a fault from production I couldn't have done anything but pay for the repair


    The only thing I actually regret is that I didn't contact Apple support as soon as the problem occured, and guessed from what I read that it to have a connection to iOS7.


    And to reply to the original post - I strongly recommend anyone with this problem to immediately contact Apple support. That is the only way to give Apple the true extent of this problem, and actually have the possibility to help.

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    So my iphones internet kept cutting out every now and then since i updated it,
    now it doesnt work at all, i made an appointment in the apple store and they said my wifi was broken..
    so now i have to pay 150 pounds or more to get it fixed, because my phone has ran out of warrenty (if only it happend 1 month earlier aaaaah!)
    Im so angry right now because ive read lots of people with the iphone 4s who also have this problem after updating their phones,
    so how is this my fault? why do I have to pay to get it fixed?
    Why cant they fix it as service for selling me a (now) non-functional phone with updates that make it break!
    And who says it wont happen again after i DO get it fixed?
    Would it just be my own problem again?! Thats just disgusting!

    If i dropped it and it broke then fair enough,
    but all i did was update my phone,(like you should?!) and it breaks?! seriously this is ridiculous!!
    I love/loved apple products till now, i always wanted an imac and was saving up,
    but after this im never purchasing anything from apple again!

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    I live in Bangkok, Thailand found the same wifi Hardware failure problem on my iPhone 4S 16GB. Apple Local Service Center accepeted that this is WiFi Hardware problem of iPhose 4S model. However, unfortunately I bought it for 1.5 years that is already out of 1 year warranty, so Apple offered me to replace it with a good refurbished one with the cost of USD 250 that is 40% of my iphone I paid for !!!


    Finally, I am very disappointed the quality of iPhone comparing the price I paid for. Bye bye to Apple's product.


    Just share my experience with iPhone....I shall buy better phone like SAMSUNG or Nokia with cheaper price than iPhone.

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    The same problem started with my iPhone 4S since yesterday. Pretty weird that just the Wifi button, I can't turn on. I tried everything that I read in the discussion forum. Today I called the customer service, they advised me to restore the iPhone on which I was pretty confident that would work. Sadly, to add to my agony, it isn't. Now, they have advised to send the phone to the apple store. My phone is out of warranty already. I am just hoping that I won't have to pay extra, because it entirely looks the software default. If I have to, then, I will have to bid farewell to Apple.

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    The iOS 0.7 update overheats something to do with the wifi on iphones 4s,
    my iphone ran out of warrenty like a month before it happend,
    and i have to pay for the repair myself, even though its the update that broke my phone,
    along with alot of other people,
    ive been to the apple store,
    and ive spoken to the manager and he said that theres not enough people who are having this problem to actually call it THEIR software default, which is just ridiculous really cause this is an official apple site and theres loads of people complaining about this, leave out all the others who might have had this problem but simply paid for the repair and not post it anywhere online..


    I live in spain but have an english boyfriend who i now live with in england,
    but i bought my phone in spain for 600 euros, (around 500 pounds) and ive only had it for a year!!!
    if they were really confident in how 'appearantly' their products are so long lasting and have good quality; you would think that they would help me with my phone since i only had it for a year...
    i now need to get back to spain, to then go to the apple store there, to then MAYBE get it fixed for free
    i seriously hope lots of people will just be unsatisfied about Apple and their service and that they loose out on lots of money and customers...

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    I am very disatisfied with Apple on this event.  My wi-fi worked for a little while after the 7 upgrade and then the wifi button grayed out and I can no longer use wi-fi.  This is my second I phone and two ipods I have purchased from apple.  My last iphone3 died when I updated to 6.  I would like to have a phone fully functional for more than just two years at the price I am paying.  Apple has lost my confidence after this last loss of wi-fi  with the update.  Bad business here.

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    My wi-fi problem started with iOS 6 on my 4S where the wi fi button was grayed out. Upgraded iOS to 7.06 hoping that would solve problem. Didn't. Reset Network Settings and restored software, no avail. However, my other 4S has been running iOS 7 since it was intoduced with out any problems. Can't figure it out. Next stop, the Apple store.

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    My latest update is that i seeked help from the apple store customer service since i couldn't sort out my Wi-fi button being greyed out. The first call was about 2 weeks back. They told me to send my iphone to the repair station and they would check for any hardware malfunction and would repair or replace it for free. Though my contract is already 6 months out of date. They also said they would send me some packaging kit in which i would pack my phone and send it back to them for repair. I was happy initially. But since then, it has been 2 weeks and about 5  or 6 calls with the customer service, i haven't received anything. Everytime they will take my name and make me spell the address correctly in case there was a mistake, but no receipt of anything so far. And yes, since last couple of days, my battery doesn't last longer. What more can i ask for? Seriously, What is apple up to? I am sick and tired of this. I think i will switch to android pretty soon.

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    My iphone 4s had its wifi broken by the upgrade to ios 7.0.4.


    I went to the Apple store and was told that they could only replace for a charge. The salesman offered that he didn't think it was worth it as it would probably break again.


    As I was ready to replace Apple with a Samsung phone as it is criminal that Apple refuses to take responsibility for faulty programming, I looked at a number of "fixes." One that looked intriguing was to use a hairdryer on a running phone and to heat it just to the point of the phone displaying its overheated warning. I tried it and it worked. My phone's wifi has been working perfectly since.If you try this trick, heat carefully, evenly and only until the phone displays its warning. Stop heating, turn the phone off and let it cool to room temperature. DO NOT HEAT ANYWHERE CLOSE TO WHAT OTHERS CALL "REFLOWING" (presumably referring to solder) TEMPERATURES!


    Now, ios has been hacked and Apple has a security, high priority update.


    Has the update break the wifi again?

    Mac OS XP wrote:


    Several iPhone 4S owners have noticed a problem with their WiFi not working after upgrading to iOS 7.


    It appears to be both a software problem (our phones have been working for nearly two years with WiFi being just fine before the upgrade) and hardware problem (it gets partially better when the iPhone is chilled (physically).


    My particular symptoms:


    iPhone boots off spontaneously.

    Diagnostics showing several panics with a debugger message of "WDT timeout" or "panic" listing kernel_task as the panicked task.

    WiFi switch is disabled and set to "Off", can only be enabled by refridgerating the iPhone and rebooting (possibly needing to reset network settings).

    When WiFi can be enabled, it repeatedly drops the signal.

    If the iPhone isn't cool, Settings freezes up in the WiFi settings and, to a lesser amount, in the Cellular settings.

    Once the iPhone warms up, the problems begin anew.


    So the question is what can we practically do now? Is there any use calling Apple support (for out of warranty devices), should we take it in to an Apple store (for a not-too-expensive repair), should we take it to a local phone reapir shop (is this the type of thing they can repair and what does that usually cost/how long does it take), is there any reason to expect a software fix, or need we basically resort to exchanging our phones in for new ones?

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    As I mentioned in an earlier post, my 4S developed this problem running iOS6. I think it is a hardware problem as my other 4S running iOS 7 is working just fine. Today I talked to Apple. I was told they are aware of the problem, but if I wanted my phone fixed, as it is out of warranty, the charge would be $199.95. I asked the Apple representative what the problem was and he said the wifi connector. I took the phone to a cell phone repair facility. I was told the charge would be $79 if it is just the wifi connector. After examining the phone, I was told the main board is damaged and if I wanted it fixed it was $199.95, but the technician didn't recommend it. He said for $200 you can buy a new phone. I next went to the ATT store, my carrier, to determine what could be done. As my upgrade anniversary is November, he couldn't do anything other than sell me a 5s for $650.

    I would appreciate Apple owning up to the design flaw and offering those of us who have a defective phone, a replacement at a fair price.

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    I have a iPhone 4S working fine, everything ok (wifi,bluetooth,speed,batery) with ios 7.0.4.

    The reboot after the update to 7.0.6, don't have wifi, the button apears grey, don't have bluetooth, lose the connection with the speaker, and speeed decrease a lot.

    I don't know what is the problem, but in my opinion is a software problem.

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    THANKS! manage to fix WiFi problem with this method!


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    I've been suffering from the wifi issues on my 4s. Apple told me it was not repairable. I tried the hairdryer trick (find on youtube) but it did not work. Found a company called fixmyiphone - they fixed it on the spot for £40. Highly recommend them. Posting this for anyone suffering similar issues.......

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    it works for me by using hairdryer method together with the freezer method

    i tried this method, and the wifi still working fine