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I have owned a iPhone ever since they came out. I'm now a owner of the 5. But I must be honest. Ever since Steve jobs past away the company is just not the same. Is it just me or do others feels that way?


I own all apple products but after this IOS 7 I'm really disappointed.

My iPhone 5 runs bad with this new iOS. It's slow and battery now drains quicker.

I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm thinking about switching to another phone besides apple.


Any suggestions?

iPhone 5, iOS 5.0.1
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    No, there are hundreds of posts on here saying the same thing. The only advice I can offer would be to wait until another update comes out.

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    I feel exactly the same. With regard to the iPhone 5 battery drain with iOS7, none and I repeat NONE of the 'tricks' work. Sure you save a few minutes here and there but my iPhone 5 running iOS7 loses 2+ hours of battery usage (not standby) since the upgrade. This is after *three* complete reinstallations (I just did another), setting up the phone as new and not restoring to a backup. I have spent tens of hours trying to rectify this and despite these DFU reinstallations and switching off parallax, location services, background app refresh, app store automatic updates etc etc, the battery drain is exactly as bad as it was after the original OTA update.


    Now it would appear that many iPhone 5 users on this forum aren't experiencing this severe battery drain and I have no idea why that is because everyone I know has got big problems. People at work and members of my family are *all* lumbered with a dreadful battery life since updating to iOS7. Whenever people comment on this forum they just get told to adjust a few settings and they'll be good to go. Not in my experience, or that of anyone I know.


    I've had nothing but problems with the iPhone 5 and this shocked me after having nothing bad to say about my iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Both were splendid handsets and I eagerly awaited the i5. My first three had nasty scratches on the casework so they were returned. The fourth had no scratches but it did have loose volume buttons. I decided to keep it because I was scared that another replacement might be scratched *and* have loose volume buttons. In the end I'm annoyed that I didn't replace it because I pay a premium for Apple products because they're supposed to be of the best quality. Poor build quality of other handsets led me to Apple in the first place and to have loose buttons has always irritated me about my iPhone 5.


    Now to iOS7.....what a disappointment. Safari is much better and the email app downloads attachments quicker. These are substantial and welcome improvements. I don't much care for the new icons but I can live with them, they aren't a big problem. What I cannot live with is the severe battery drain! My three month old iPhone 5 now has a battery which performs worse than my 3 year old iPhone 4's battery, which let me tell you has had some heavy use indeed! To go from 8.5 hours of battery usage time on iOS6 to just over 6 hours on iOS7 is horrendous and totally unacceptable. On top of that, the SMS app is diabolical. I can barely read the awful white on green text, it makes my eyes feel strained and it looks like a childrens' app. I don't much care for the new calendar either! It doesn't default to the month view and again the colours are dreadful. Too much white is bad for the eyes and this white background is carried over to the notes app too.


    So yes, I agree with you that in my eyes Apple seems to have dropped the ball where build quality is concerned and the iPhone 5 *and* iPhone 5S are hardly dream handsets. They're good but nothing amazing, there is no real groundbreaking improvement and I feel the iPhone 4 was the last 'amazing' handset they produced. Whether it is to do with Steve Jobs' demise I couldn't say because I have heard that these handsets have been in the pipeline for a few years. It will be interesting to see how they go with the iPhone 6 because I feel that it truly needs to be an amazing phone. It must have a bigger screen and it must have a brilliant new feature as I'm afraid the lacklustre iPhone 5 and badly tested iOS7 have really tarnished Apple's appeal.

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    iPhone 5 here and no issues and love the new update.  Phone is just as fast as before and my battery is just fine.  Work out some of the issues you're having with the great help articles and forum responses you can get and give it some time...it's a big change to the OS but I'm enjoying it.

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    I don't believe it.

    Anyway as of now I'm unable to purchase a thing on iTunes because everytime I open the app it says LOADING.

    Other apps I use like yahoo for example. I click on a article I want to read but it just loads and never opens.

    Safari the same issues. Runs like the old modem days

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    Then your issue is with your cellular data connect.


    either do a reset (use google if you don't know how) or do a reset network settings.


    If both don't help, then contact your phone carrier for your cellular data issue.

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    I have to agree.  New calendar is a real bummer!  The only thing I think has gotten better are camera app, the player and, perhaps, photo app. And those are not substantial. What I can't understand is "why fix what's not broken?"  I always felt Apple was the way to go for slick and handsome designs, and new iOs looks cheap and bland.  Quite honestly the only reason I like to keep my iPhone is the overall stability of ios (no viruses and thus no need to run antivirus programs) and very easy way to sync music and photos and backups if you own Mac computer.  Still, as much as I love MacOS and would never consider going back to PC Windows, I feel iOs is quickly loosing ground to Android.

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    Yeah, I still like Macs but as you say, iPhone is (sadly) fast losing ground to Android. Apple seem to have got too big for their boots and think that they can follow up the deeply disappointing iPhone 5 with a further disappointing S model. Whoopee, so there's a fingerprint scanner and a bit more horsepower. I'm sticking with my 5 but if they had brought any of these features to the table then I would have upgraded:


    Non-tinny speakers which actually produce a bit of bass. HTC managed it with the HTC One.

    A higher definition screen.

    A slightly larger screen.

    Much larger battery life (*instead we get iOS7 which has depleted battery life)


    iPhone has become boring and this software update, even if you ignore the battery drain (which I can't), is hardly exciting. It's much the same but apart from a few benefits here and there, we have to suffer dreadful colour schemes and ruined old favourite apps such as the calendar and notes. So I wouldn't say like many Apple fanboys that iOS7 is some amazing update which blows iOS6 out of the water. Not at all.

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    We'll said!!

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    I would advise anyone who is thinking of installing iOS7 to check it out on a phone that already has it running.  I am so dissappointed that I have decided not to purchase a new business iPhone, and I am telling friends and family with an iPhone not to downgrade to iOS7.