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after the update of IOS7, my iphone 5 will not connect to itunes.  when i open the app, it is a white screen.  help

iPhone 5, iOS 7
  • KalebsDad78 Level 4 (1,975 points)

    Make sure the iTunes app is closed (Double-tap the home button and then swipe up on the app preview window above the icon) and then go Settings >iTunes & App Store and then press on your Apple ID...logout.


    Reset your device by holding down the home button and lock button (top of phone) for 10-12 seconds until the Apple logo appears.


    Once the phone comes back on, go back to the same location and log back in to the iTunes store.  Now, try the app again.

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    i have tried that a couple of times, it still is not working.  the only thing it will do is when i open up the app, i can see the bottom icons and if i pick search and start to type a name.   it will bring up everything with that it in.  but when i selet a name, it just stays blank

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    This worked perfectly. Thank you very much.