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I have a client running a Mac Mini Server (OS X 10.8.5) and I have been having issues with certain users having their profiles corrupting. The symptoms start off with the Mail app not running and freezing up, which then locks up other applications they use. The issue has occured twice, the first time, I recreated a user and transferred all their settings to the new profile and all worked fine.


But this has happened again in under a month with a totally different user and I need to get to the bottom of it, the work around is ok but not really resolving the issue. I am wondering if anyone has had this issue with network users?


Once it the users account freezes up, we need to manually shut the Mac down and then on reboot we log back in and can log back out as long as we don't open Mail.


The server doesn't handle the mail, they use IMAP accounts from their hosting company.


Please let me know if you require any more information. Anyones help would be appreciated as this Mac Mini Server has been in for less than 12 months.




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    I too have this problem. I can temporarly fix the issue by by deleting the users cache folder on the server.

    No need to recreate the user. The user is ususally still connected to the server despite the lock up and restart of the client computer. I first disconnect the user in the file sharing section of server app. then open their Library folder on the server and delete the Cache folder. The user is then able to log in normally.


    For me, this always happens when the user logs in, never mid-session. It happens to two users out of about 50. Sometimes it doesn't happen for weeks, then all of the sudden it will happen two or three time in a single week, then stop again.


    I'd love to figure out the cause and stop it. I'm hoping that upgrading the server to Mountain Lion will solve the issue.





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    Hi Douglas


    The temp fix helped with a couple of profiles but the issues seems to be escalating within the last week but only for 2 users, the users emails keep freezing up and locking up other Apps still but more recently we're having issues with getting into the System Preferences and changing printer settings on one user who has had issues on and off over the last few months.


    We are running Mountain Lion, so it's a bit disappointing and although Apple Support has tried to help, they're very limited with their advise. The clients frustration is rising and I am at a loss as what the underlying issue is, whether it's a resource issue on the server, if its the Mail app or if its a communication issues between the devices that is causing accounts to corrupt due to a drop out.


    Nothing has really changed at the site over the last 6 months and we've had a pretty good run but shouldn't be having this issue with a Mac Mini Server that's only been used for 6 months. I am hoping someone else out there has seen this issue and got to the bottom of it.


    Things I would like to know:

    - how to check/monitor current resource users on the server.

    - how to check/monitor network communications on the server.


    Any help and assitance will be appreciated.