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I received my new iPhone 5s today.  At some point during the setup, I went into the App Store app and within a pop-up window I was offered a chance to download a bunch of free apps from Apple like Pages, Numbers, etc... there must have been a dozen of them listed.   Click the button to download them all at once.


However, since I was in the middle of a long backup/sync session and still downloading the 7.01 update, I skipped this step thinking I could just redo it later.


Well I can't.  I go back to the App Store app and can't get the popup offer again.  Now what?  I manually searched and downloaded some of these things but it would be nice to see the full offer again just to make sure I got them all.


Any ideas?  Thanks.

iPhone 5s, iOS 7, 32 GB
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    The apps were: iPhoto, iMovie, iBooks, Keynote, Number, Pages, iTunes U, Podcasts, Find my iPhone, and Find my Friends.

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    Ok then, assuming your list is complete, I managed to find them all.  Thanks!

    Shouldn't there have been a way to re-trigger that notification pop-up?


    I downloaded and installed all of those apps from the App Store on my iPhone.  Everything was there and installed.  Now after doing a routine sync with iTunes, five of those apps are now showing as "Loading..." and "Waiting..." as if something re-triggered them to download and install again... this is weird... those were already installed.  And it should not have been iTunes that caused it since "Automatic Downloads" was activated and those apps were already in my iTunes Apps tab.

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    You're welcome.


    That is a one-time pop-up. The list is complete.