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So I recently moved to Android from iPhone - just wanted a change, I am not saying Android is better or anything so don't hurt me!


I still have an iPad and Macbook - not sure if they could be the cause of my issues here.


But basically, my contacts who use iPhones still send me texts as iMessages, even if they have the toggle switched to send as SMS when iMessage isn't available. I have got it to work on certain people's phones by asking them to turn iMessage off and back on and eventually it figures it out. But this obviously isn't ideal as I don't want to have to ask every one of my contacts with an iPhone to do this.


So I scoured the forums and found a few suggestions but none of which seems to have worked. Including changing my iCloud password, unauthorizing my iPhone online, etc etc. Also before I traded my iPhone the AT&T chap didn't ask me to log out of/turn off iMessage on the device, which I think may be the root cause of the problem.


I am hoping someone here can let me know a definitive way of getting my cell number removed from this iMessage database I keep reading about. I would be really grateful.



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