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The new iCal OS7 seems to have gotten rid of LIST VIEW. Anyone know how to use it in OS7?  Would be great for iPad too.

iPhone 4S, iOS 7
  • CRichey5817 Level 1 Level 1

    Tap the magnifying glass. I found the answer in this article which has some other good tips


  • Jeanne Johns Level 1 Level 1

    It is still there.  With your iiPhone vertical, at the upper right corner  you see the +, then to the left of that the magnifying glass and the next is the rectangle with two lines under it.  That rectangle symbol is the key!  Be sure it is NOT highlighted, then select a day number... and there is the list view!  Richard on Apple's Support phone helped me find it last night.   

    The magnifying glass works for list view on the iPad - not the iPhone. 

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    Mac OS X

    HOWEVER, it only allows you to see one day at a time and with the whole month taking up most of the screen, only one or two lines in the list show.  The list used to fill the page and allow you to scroll from day to day (vertically).  Sometimes it reverts to that (after many days), but as soon as you need to look at the monthly calendar, you have to wait a week or two for the list to take over the month…..


    Does anyone else have this issue??

  • Malcolm J. Rayfield Level 5 Level 5

    Are you running iOS 7.1.2?  It has full-screen list view.


    Go into month view.  The icon to the left of the search icon will toggle between:

      One month, with daily events list below

      Multiple months


    Select multiple months.  Tap on a day in the month.  The icon will now toggle between:

      One day

      List view

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    Mac OS X

    OMG Malcom J. Rayfied, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (this has been driving me crazy for months).  Wow, so simple.  Thank you!

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    I am 100% absolutely dumbfounded how ios was allowed to become so unintuitive and hard to read (light grey fonts on grey backgrounds????????).  Jony Ive should be fired, and Tim Cook obviously has 0% of the ability Steve Jobs used to have for recognizing what "just works."


    Unreal.  Thank you again for being smarter than Jony Ive.

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    Wow - thank you!  I thought that functionality was only on a day to day basis.  Do you know how to get LIST view on the macbook?  I miss it so much on my computer.  I don't want to see all the empty appointments.  Would love any advice if there is a trick to getting that view.  Thank you!

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    HI Michele, you may have already solved this but I just found out how to get a list view on my Macbook - all you have to do is type . (full stop or period depending on where you are from) in the search box and a list view will show on the side. I hope this helps.