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I am really unhappy with iOS7, can I get my old operating system back?

iPad, iOS 7
  • stedman1 Level 9 Level 9 (58,630 points)

    Sorry, Apple has no approved method to downgrade the version of iOS on your iDevice. You can voice your displeasure with the iOS by leaving feedback at the appropriate subsection from the link below.



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    Sorry.. that answer is unacceptable! 

    As a "customer", don't you think we have a right to choose the operating systems?

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    There's nothing anyone here (this is a user-to-user forum) can do except leave feedback for Apple at the link kindly posted above by "stedman1"

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    You can most certainly choose which operating system. And you chose to update to iOS 7. I chose not to.

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    Our family just updated our iphones to the IOS7 and we all hate it. Now, we learn we can not revert back to what we had. The layout is horrible. The text colors in texting and e-mail can't even be read...it's white!?



    We do NOT want this and want our old OS back. Our phones are up for upgrade as of today. If we can not change the look of this by OUR liking, we will move on to the Galaxy.



    Why does Apple think they can just "make" us have the text and colors that "they" want? We can't even read anything, it's too hard and ridiculous.


    This is absurd.

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    Goodbye and good luck with your decision.


    Treats like that carry no weight with the users here.


    If you had done the least little bit of research you would have realized that never has been any way of downgrading iOS.



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    A little Internet research and a trip to an Apple Store and try out OS7 first, would've ttold you if you like the new OS or not and you would've updated every single one of your iDevices to the new OS.

    And why would you not update only ONE iDevice to see if you like the new iOS 7 version before updating all of your iDevices?

    Everybody who hates the new iOS blames Apple, but if users had done some research( like research the new OS online or actually GO to an Apple Store,there are lots of these, now) before deciding to just arbitrarily updating to a new OS they, obviously, knew nothing about, users wouldn't be complaining because they would' ve not updated their devices and moan, groan and whine and say they hate it!

    Also, some research would've revealed to you and everyone else that with Apple mobile updates, once you update,there is no going back to a previous iOS version. So, everyone needs to think a little before deciding to update because once you update your Apple mobile iDevice's software, there is no going back!

    It has always been this way since iOS was born.

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    I am quite sorry, but how in the world would I know to "research" an update? We have had our iphones for over 2 years now and have been very pleased with them and have always supported the product and have pushed the product to non-Apple users.


    Every ipjone update that has come our way has never changed the text color, e-mail font colors, etc. I am in the technical business and in no way have I ever had to worry about "researching" an update as to what is going to change in a software update.


    Why would Apple change the font format without allowing us to be able to change the color, etc? It's ridiculous and controlling in our opinion. I have decent eyesight but when I open my mail, I can barely see that there is an attachment. I use this phone 90% for business and this is causing much grief.


    So, again, Apple needs to open their eyes and let their faithful clients be able to change their font, background colors, etc. Are you seriously telling me that it's easy and a good choice to use "white" text against blue, green and grey backgrounds?