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I have a Motorola Razr V3i with iTunes. I have a menu button for iTunes on the phone so yes, it's definately supposed to be compatible.

I recieved, even, iTunes software with the phone. I followed the directions, plugging the phone into my USB 2.0 port and the iTunes software on my PC does not register the phone showing up under the "Source" menu as they say it should.

Please - any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Both myself and my brother have a L7 (SLVR) and both our iTunes can not see our phones. This is on two seperate PC's as well.
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    I'm having the same problem with an SLVR
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    I do not, repeat, do not have the SLVR as I've seen that problem posted other places.

    I'm looking for help with the V3i.

    Thanks again.
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    I think the problem would affect most (alll 3?) models of iTunes phone, from the e398, the V3i and SLVR as it might be something to do with how iTunes on the desktop is recognizing the phones.
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    A few things to try:

    - Check that your computer's date is set correctly. Use the Date and Time control panel (or double-click the clock in the task bar) to do this.

    - Check that the phone is set to USB memory card mode. From the main menu, select Settings, then Connection, then USB Settings, then make sure that Default Connection is set to Memory Card and not Data/Fax Connection.

    - Check that the TransFlash memory card (for SLVR L7, in the slot on the right side of the phone, under the little rubber door; for RAZR V3i, in the slot on the back, below the battery) is inserted properly and seated securely. You might try removing it and reinserting it, just to make sure.

    - If the phone still does not show up in iTunes, the next thing you can try is reformatting the flash memory card on the phone. From the main menu, go to Settings, then Phone Status, then Storage Devices, then select Card and press the center Menu key, then choose Format. This will erase the entire contents of the memory card, which hopefully will fix the problem with iTunes.

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    My Motorola V3i phone is 3 weeks old. Two weeks ago I installed iTunes on my PC and transfered 85 songs to the memory card inside the phone. All worked fine. Tonight I decided to change the music I was listening too, to another playlist.

    The iTunes software refuses to recognise the phone/memory card even though Windows XP does. It simply does not list under Source. I have tried everything in the phone manual, apple website, re-installed, quick fix, fresh download, and everything mentioned on these discussion boards..... NOTHING works........but it did two weeks ago....HELP!

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    I have solved the problem I had with my V3i NOT showing up under the SOURCE heading in iTunes.

    1. Use the phone to reformat the memory card. Do NOT change the label or what you call the memory card. At the end of this process you should have two sources for data storage with the phone: a) phone and b) memory card and that's what they should be called.

    2. Turn the phone off. The phone won't recognise the formatting of the memory card unless it is turned off and then back on.

    3. Use WindowsXP to delete the iTunes software: start / control panel / add or remove programs
    scroll down the list and click on iTunes
    click on change/delete
    click on delete
    windows installer pops up and does its thing
    click on OK

    4. Clear the windows cache and TEMP directory

    5. Restart your computer

    6. Use your ORIGINAL CD from Motorola to install iTunes. WARNING: this must be version or EARLIER I can't get it to work with later versions of iTunes and NOT with the latest from the website: version I have no explanation for this

    After installing iTunes click on edit / preferences and make sure the last line where it asks about checking for updates automatically is UNCHECKED you do not want to install newer version(s)

    7. Re-start computer

    8. Start iTunes

    9. Turn phone on THEN connect phone to computer via USB cable, make sure that the USB setting on the phone is ALREADY switched to: memory card - on USB connection NOT fax/modem

    10. After about 30 seconds the phone should beep and the message pops up on the phone display about not disconnecting the phone from the computer and then the phone should appear listed under SOURCE in the iTunes software

    11. Click on edit / preferences / phone

    go through the settings and tabs and make sure you check the box that says start iTunes when phone is detected

    this means any time you connect the phone via USB to the PC iTunes starts...if you want to use PC TOOLS supplied by Motorola instead on any occassion just close iTunes or minimise it and start TOOLS....you will get pop-ups telling you the phone is being readied from iTunes to TOOLS and vice-versa.

    This solved MY problem with no listing of the phone under SOURCE in iTunes....it took me hours to work this out. I hope it works for you. :o)

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    I did your step by step instructions of how 2 sort my phone out, and woohooo it FINALLY saw it as a source...but when i tried to put the songs on to it it said it couldnt read my phone! And now it doesnt see it as a sourse again either!How typical! Back to square one i think!
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    I found the solution.
    Itunes does a lousy job when it accesses the mobile. I searched everywhere and couldnt find help, so I tried this:
    Download the latest version of winamp.
    Download an ipod plugin from www.mlipod.com thsi plugin is named iPodSupport_v144. This plugin simulates the itunes software, and allows you to upload songs from a different application to you ipod/mobile (the website states it works on rokr and slvr, but i tried on v3i and it worked fine)
    Install both, winamp first
    Run winamp, connect ur mobile making sure connectivity on ur mobile is set to usb as default
    IN winamp, go to View on the menu bar, media library, u should see on the left pane, under rip & burn (if u have the pro version), Devices. This is where ur mobile should appear.
    From then on its simply a matter of dragging files to your device and waiting a LONG time for the songs to get copied. Enjoy!
    You might need to restart your computer after you installed winamp and the plugin.