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I noticed last night that photos I have taken with a digital SLR and then synced to my iPhone 4S from iPhoto are at a much lower resolution on my iPhone with iOS7 vs. iOS6.  Since I can't go back to iOS6 and compare, this is what I've done to confirm that they are lower resolution:


1.  I looked at the same synced photo on my iPhone 4G and on my wife's iPhone 5 (her phone is also on iOS7 now).  I imagine the resolution on an iPhone 5 could be slightly better, but there is a pretty remarkable difference and very noticeable when I zoom in.


2.  I emailed myself a photo from iPhoto at full resolution (it was taken with a digital SLR and about 8 megs).  I compared the quality of the emailed photo on my phone to the quality of the same photo in my iPhone's photo library, and the quality was significantly better in the emailed photo.


3.  I looked at photos in my iPhone photo library taken with my iPhone (and not yet transferred to iPhoto and synced back) and they are clearly showing at a much higher resolution than older photos taken on my iPhone that have since been imported into iPhoto and then synced back.


One wrinkle is that in addition to upgrading to iOS7, I also had my iPhone replaced a few days ago.  I got another 4S as my volume stopped working and it was under warrantly.  Although the primary reason I went in was because after the upgrade I could no longer connect iMessage to my iCloud account and therefore couldn't receive texts.  The replacement phone at least fixed that and 2-3 other problems I had.


But back to the bad stuff going on.  I am also seeing  that iPhoto smart albums I created are not being transferred over, just the folder with no photos in it.  And if I tap on a collection's name, it takes me to the map and shows me a subset of all of the photos from the collection, even though every sincle photo in the collection has been assigned a place.  If I go back to the collection and then tap on the photo collage instead, it shows all of the photos.


Oh, and the iTunes sync over WiFi doesn't work.  iTunes doesn't see my phone.  I thought maybe it was because I locked the computer so you have to input a password to get back in, but this monring I tried it with the computer unlocked and iTunes didn't see the phone.


So then I plugged the phone into the computer and iTunes did see it and started syncing.  I went down to workout and when I came back my nanny had logged me out (which doesn't shut down any of my open apps on my computer) and she had logged into her account.  When I logged back into mine iTunes said "Cancelling Sync".  I let that go for a few minutes until I had to leave so I ejected the phone.


So what's the dealio?

My photos are syncing from iPhoto at a super low resolution

Sync over WiFi doesn't work

Only the shell for each smart album is syncing from iPhoto and not the photos themselves.

The map view of my photos in the iPhone photo library is incomplete even though all the photos have been tagged with places.


And I bet it I look at my contacts it's back to the old issue with many duplicates in there, let's see...yup, many dupes but I'll work on that one myself. 


This is a typical number of problems I am experiencing.  I'm not a masochist.  I can't remain an Apple Fan Boy forever. 

iPhone 4S, Mac OS X (10.7.5)