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I bought a used iBook G3/600 14" without installation disks.  However, I received the original disks from Apple - four disks simply labeled Disk 1, 2, 3, 4.  The G3 is running OS X 10.4.  I need to run an old program that requires OS 9.  When I attempt to run the old program, the system attempts to open Classic and then I get an error that OS 9 is not installed and I need to install it from the installation disks, something about 'other software'.  Well, I have looked through all four disks and do not see any folder that resembles 'OS 9' or 'Classic'.  Should it be there labeled separately, or is it an option when installing OS X?  I attempted to start the OS X installation to see if something like that was an option and all that happened (and I let it run all night) was a white screen with the apple on it and the 'working' circle. 


Obviously, I do not know my way around macs.  The manual that came with the iBook does not have software installation information.  Can anyone help me figure out how to get Classic/OS 9 properly installed alongside OS X so that I can run this program in Classic Mode?


Edit:  From what I have gleaned from the internet, although I currently have OS X 10.4 Tiger installed, the iBook shipped out with 9.2.1 & X 10.1.2, so the installation disks would probably only have 10.1.2 on them.  With that being said, will I have to erase my hard drive and reinstall OS X 10.1.2 from the installation disks and check off install the OS 9 drivers?  I understand that means losing Tiger, but my only purpose for having this mac is to run that single program.  Do I have to restart the system with disk 1 in the drive and press C?

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    Based on this article, I can tell you have a bit of a problem, you can only restore Mac OS 9 using the additional installers that come on those discs.    That said, here are the directions and from the looks of it your machine came with either 10.1 or 10.2 with 9.2.2 as the restorable Mac OS 9.   Mind you, here's a bit of a gotya.   If you have a Mac OS 9 software that depends on graphics chip drivers or drivers of any sort, you'll want to boot into Mac OS 9.  That requires actually erasing and reformatting it with the Mac OS 9 drivers before you proceed with the Mac OS 9 install.  Then after that you'll need to install Mac OS X.

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    I am in a similar problem and made a mistake when I got a OBS ( 14.1 LCD 32 VRAM iBook cheap it did not have the original grey grray disks Maybe 10.2 and I called Apple call centre just to ask what OS it needed and whether I could buy a set but the Australian guy said we do not have stock OBS obsolete Grey disks but would send a 10.4 free which turned out to be a retail international and does not support my iBook it kept on going into darwin black screen I had another sent same thing ,however I did have a set from a newer iBook 10.3   3 install disks 3 software restore disks an OX 9 disk and a AHT disk and 10.3 installed but I need the original AHT.


    what version is yours ? You have to read the version on the grey disks or you were not given a separate OX 9 I am sure they are on a separate disk If you want to keep the 10 .4 and reformat the HD and Partition the HD Buy a HD change the HD then put the older HD in a case  as a USB, then install your grey disks and the old may Boot up as a Boot up disk but it is a USB then you might be able to copy the OS onto your new HD but that may not work too


    Basically I have 2 retail international replacement disks that does not have AHT how come they sent you those 4 disks maybe they do not have OX 9 but you have to check the numbers for the Bundle my 3 Application disks are


    Disk 1.    2 Z 6 9 1  - 4 5   this number   5 4    - A  Disk 2 , .. 5 5 , Disk 3  , 2 4  ! check the numbers in sequence before A my 3  Software restore are Japanese  ! Aplications classic support J 6 9 1 - 45   5 6 -A but my O X 9  is 2 Z 6 9 1  -  5 7 2 1 - A ! There is a usually a sequence order pattern of numbers for the Bundle but sometimes they make a mistake and these numbers are to determine if they can be installed on certain machines most Disk can go in but only certain types can install look on your System profiler and copy it to another external because earlier versions do not have a detailed look at your computer.

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    Hi, I'm confused here, but if you can find an already working OS9 Instal;, Classic OS9 can be run in OSX upto 10.4.11 by simply coppying the OS9 "System Folder" to it, not to be confused wirh OSX's folder called "System".