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Ever since I updated my phone (iPhone 5, 16 GB AT&T) to iOS7, I've been having difficulty sending emails.  I have 3 accounts set up: Gmail, Exchange (for work) and (used to be Hotmail).  Most of the time I don't have any trouble. However occasionally I'll send an email (from any of the 3 acconts) and it doesn't send.  It doesn't move into the "sent" folder, doesn't show up in "Drafts", nothing.  It just disappears into the ether.  I've tested this with sending emails to myself so I know that it's not actually going through.


If I completely close out of  mail  (double click and then close the app) the problem (temporarily) resolves itself.  However it inevitably returns. 


I've tried doing a hard reset on the phone & deleting and re-installing each of the email accounts to no avail.  Now I find myself having to check the sent folder to ensure each and every email I send actually goes through!


Anyone have any advice or similar issues?

iPhone 5, iOS 7
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    I'm having this issue, too.  Also tried deleting and re-adding accounts.  Only resolved the problem temporarily.  Having issues with both Exchange and Outlook.  Never a problem before adding iOS7. Using iPhone 4S.  HELP!

  • Keisha Luzzi Level 1 (5 points)

    Ever since iPad ios update also can not send email. I only use icloud (and old .me accounts)

    No gmail etc.


    Tried all tips listed as well.


    I went into each account and it wanted me to accept new iCloud terms, but it did not give me option to accept. (no button)

    Tried re-entering password on each account, THEN it allowed me to accept new terms.


    THEN it finally sent my emails, while on att network w/ wifi off.

    (Tried wifi off earlier...did nothing till I accepted terms.)


    HOWEVER, there is no record of emails in outbox in my sent folder on other computers. No syncing going on.



  • VikingDog Level 1 (0 points)

    On my iPad I have an Exchange account, ATT account and an iCloud account. All have worked fine for about a year.


    Recently, and shortly after doing the iOS 7 update, I noticed when creating and sending a particularly important email, it appeared to launch normally, including the whoosh, but it was never received by the recipient. I looked back a couple of days and discovered this happened to several emails I sent from this account on the iPad.


    The email disappears completely; it's not in the sent items folder, not in the drafts folder, nowhere. I see this has been happening to other users and some potential solutions have been offered. HOWEVER, I have yet to see any suggestions on HOW to recover those sent (missing) emails! I worked on that one email I mentioned for 2 hours and I need it back!! 


    So, whenever someone finds a solution to the sending problem, don't forget to address recovering the emails that are still out there LOST in the ether!


    Another thing I just remembered: a few days after the iOS 7 update, and one day prior to my noticing this problem, I suddenly noticed that my Exchange email account was gone from my iPad email accounts list. That was strange and has never occurred before. I added the account back in and it was working ok. I suspect that all these issues are related to the gremlin that is causing this.


    Thanks. Sorry for the rant. :-/

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    I have the exact same problem, but noticed that it is intermittent. Extremely problematic and annoying. Tried to delete and reconfigure accounts. Didn't work. If someone has an idea, please let me know.





  • Jangotoys Level 1 (0 points)

    Same issue. Tried everything, etc. Would help if Apple had a simple way of saying, "yes, we have a problem." Call it an iProblem if you have to, but I think there is a growing community of unhappy people. Especially when it's a problem with something as basic as e-mail.

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    I was having the same issue. Two days ago I performed a hard reset and since then I haven't seen the issue anymore. I understand that the topic starter tried a hard reset as well but that this didn't work. I hope that the hard reset did permanently solve my issue.

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    I, too, having an issue sending mail from a personal domain email.


    I received a test email sent to myself, but cannot locate the email within the "sent messages" folder or other folders set up by other devices...


    iPad mail also says it cannot delete the message (or move it to trash.)


    iOS 7

    iPad 2

  • Keisha Luzzi Level 1 (5 points)

    When I try to save an email as a draft on my iPad2, it disappears from the app  in ios7.

    It's not in drafts, trash...nothing...poof.


    However, sometimes it will re-appear  on my desktop email app in that drafts folder.


    This upgrade has rendered my ipad useless for me. I use it mostly for emailing on the road.

    Tried all the suggested tricks. Awaiting Apple to get on this quickly, and if they can't ... then let me revert back to ios6!

  • MatCote Level 1 (0 points)

    The hard rawer worked for some days, but the problem is now back on both my Hotmail and work accounts. Is there a way for me to come back to iOS 6 ( I have an iPhone 5)?

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    Same here. Problem is back. No idea what I have to do now. My wife has the same issue by the way. She has an iPhone 4, while I use an iPhone 5.

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    Same problem here. Just noticed today that when I send e-mail from my iPhone it closes the window makes the swoosh sound but nothing ever gets sent. I don't receive any errors, password notices or anything. I've tried sending from both my gmail account and icloud account but the e-mails never show up in the sent folders for either. Nor are they in the outbox folder that shows up when stuff can't send. I've tried this on both a wifi connection and on 4G both with the same result. Also tried manually adding mail servers for gmail and icloud and deleting my gmail mail account on the iPhone and re-creating it.


    iPhone 4s running iOS 7.0.2

  • MatCote Level 1 (0 points)

    I have spent 2h with Apple Care. They had me back up my iPhone to my computer, restore it as a new phone, set up my two email accounts and then restore it from the backup.

    It has been 4 days and emails have been working well...

  • AL-Special Level 1 (0 points)



    Go to settings> Mail, Contacts, Settings,> The account in question ( email your having problems with ) > Outgoing mail server>  Primary Server > Password.


    Then re enter password and click "Done" (upper right corner)

    This will verify your password and your emails will start sending again. This was a fix for me.


    Best of luck,



  • Sachin Ahuja Level 1 (0 points)

    Same problem with my iPhone 5 running on iOS7 too. Mails used to work fine through Gmail account configured on it but since past few days whenever I send any outgoing mail it doesn't get into sent items and neither does the mail get's delivered to the end user.


    Deleting/Re-creating the account doesn't work either.


    Please look into the same on urgent basis as never faced this sort of problem before with Gmail account on iPhone.





    Sachin Ahuja

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