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I have 40 iPads and have recently been forced to upgrade to iOS 7 (because the users - students - did so on their own and a lot of issues occurred). I still can't believe that users are allowed to upgrade the OS (essentially the firmware) on loaned-out devices. It's an IT logistics nightmare.  What if iOS 7 did what the AppleTV 6 upgrade did?


Anyway, if a user is assigned an iPad and they put their own iCloud account on the device, I am unable to check that device back in to Apple Configurator. I also am unable to successfully back it up or refresh the device.


I've had the student in question delete the iCloud account but if all 40 students did that, I'd be going crazy. Imagine if it were 400 iPads instead of 40?


Is there an easier way to allow students to utilize their own iCloud accounts to backup documents, etc, without requiring them to delete the account before I perform upgrades/mainenance? Is this going to happen every time or is this only happening because she upgraded to iOS 7 on her own?


I've never been so frustrated with Apple as I have with this upgrade to 7. Allowing individual users to upgrade a kiosk device... and then not communicating about the new Configurator... and then FORCING upgrades when preparing new devices...  days of work lost and more days to come.

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