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I use Time Capsule as both my wireless and my backup.  I seem to have problems with Time Machine though.  I don't  keep Time Machine on because it goes in and backs up too often- slowing me down. But today it decided to back up and it took hours to verify backup. Once it reached 100% it started to verify backup all over again. I stopped it and now it;s backing up . But why is it doing this? It really hangs up my laptop- everything else just drags.

mac pro
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    Something in the old backup probably is corrupt.. it takes a lot of time.. as long as the original backup or longer to verify the backup and then has to start over if it finds too much corruption and has to do the backup all over again.


    Wireless is a poor media for this. The TC should be located much closer to the computer so you can use 5ghz and get high speed. In the end turning off TM to save time actually works against you.. when it does a backup the actual verify takes ages.


    If you cannot get the TC closer think about using a different method.. eg a USB disk plugged into the laptop. It is much faster and will cause no slow down in the network.

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    The TC is on the floor next to the desk where my laptop is. So I turned off the second verify and let it back up- which tit seemed to be doing.  It finished but the TM says the latest backup was Aug 1. It hasn't recognized the one from today