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Named programmes can not see new macbook Air's camera.

MacBook Air
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    for google hangouts, I know that you need the google plugin installed. Did hangouts bug you about installing it? I'm not sure about skype though...

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    Have a current mba 13" with upgraded everything.  Has been great until now.  We have 7 macs in the house and they all work well on skype and gchat....except for mine, the newest and most expensive. 


    Tried to do online chat for support and they said the wait is 2 minutes, at 20 minutes of waiting I logged off.


    Against my better judgement, I made an appointment at the "genius bar" and I can now truthfully state that it is a misnomer twice over as they do not serve alcohol.


    The Genius told me that the machine is in working order and that there is nothing they can do to help with third party software.  For those of us that function in the real world, with PC's, the translation came to "tough luck".


    He also stated that he has never had a presenting complaint or has ever heard of a problem with their computers and skype or gchat.  I was the first!


    According to him it must be my lucky day....I should go buy a lottery ticket.

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    See this thread:







    1. 1. You need Time Machine
    2. 2. Go to folder /Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL/
    3. 3. Copy AppleCamera.plugin to good place (usb memory stick is the best place).
    4. 4. Go to Time machine in date that skype work fine.
    5. 5. Change AppleCamera.plugin with file from Time Machine
    6. 6. Restart system, Now skype need to work with camera.



    From Apple:


    MacBook Air (Mid 2013): FaceTime HD Camera might not work after OS X 10.8.5 update





    He also stated that he has never had a presenting complaint or has ever heard of a problem with their computers and skype


    he just had not heard of same, thats all. A fix for the skye connection with the camera with 10.8.5 is coming from Apple, I wont however conjecture on the time frame,... but you can assume soon.



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    Thank you for your help.  It worked fine and the programs seem happy.


    My frustration is with the Apple support.  I have always had my doubts and now they have officially lived down to and below my expectations in the store.


    Your help is greatly appreciated and I can only thank you very, very much.