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I experienced a catastrophic hard drive failure.   I replaced the hard drive with a brand new one.   I have ordered the Mountain Lion software disk and will receive it on October 1.   Is there anything I can do before then?    I have attempted to boot with Cmd-R, which didn't work.   I tried holding the Option key down.  This didn't work either.    I guess I simply have a Tabula Rasa...blank slate.


There is no backup on the old hard drive.


Any suggestions?



MacBook Pro
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    When I said "Tabula Rasa", I only meant that there is nothing at all on the new hard drive.   It hasn't been formatted.   I didn't intend to refer to a software program called "Tabula Rasa".




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    There is no backup on the original HD, just a recovery partition of the OS files.


    Even then, when a crash occurs, even IF there was a backup, a fatal crash is just that and "all eggs in one basket" rule applies that all is lost ... however recovery options of the data are possible, doing same off a dead drive is very expensive.



    Didnt you have a backup or a time machine copy?



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    uh_bob wrote:


       I have ordered the Mountain Lion software disk and will receive it on October 1. 

    There is no such thing as a Mt. Lion disk (unless you made one yourself).  To install Mt. Lion, you must download it from the App store.


    What is the EXACT model of your MBP and what is the ORIGINAL OS that came with it?



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    As it turned out, I received the disk (Snow Leopard, not Mountain Lion) in the mail, and went about installing it onto the Mac.  I am now in the process of installing updates, etc.  


    I appreciate the answers I received from you and OGELTHORPE.  The questions you asked me focused me enough to follow the right steps to installing the system.


    It's a long story, but the Mac is a hand-me-down from my wife's desk.   It had the disk failure almost a year ago that I referred to in my first message, but I don't remember the specifics.  I just know that at the time, we didn't want to spend the money to have the Geek squad fix it.   The data on the failed drive is deemed as unretrievable.  Having to recreate the stuff on the disk was actually a good thing.   It all works so much better now.


    Thanks again.