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So I recently had to buy a new Windows desktop and I follwed the instructions listed here (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1751) to make sure I could port all my music over.


In my original library, I added music from various folders without copying them over to an iTunes Media folder. When I consolidated my library, everything was brought over to one single folder (and separated inside by subfolders etc) and I copied the entire folder over to my new desktop.


I did everything according to what was instructed in the link above for my new desktop and my original library did show up in the new iTunes. However, when I tried to play certain songs, they were unable to locate the file and prompted me for it. When I clicked 'Get Info', I realized that those songs had the old directories (pre-consolidation) and did not direct the file address to the iTunes Media folder.


Is there anyway I can correct this without having to do it manually? I have over 300GB worth of songs and it would take a very long time. Thanks in advance!