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Please can someone help. I keep on getting this when I try and buy a song or upgrade my iPhone aps. I have got the latest iTunes on my 15" MacBook Pro with OS X 10.8.5 (12F37). Last week I changed my password on //appleid.apple.com I could the access my account in iTunes. I have tried to log on to my account / view my account in itunes / buy a song and tried upgrading my apps, but I can't do anything now. it is frustrating. Please, please, please can someone help. :-)

  • Jerome Colas Level 2 (220 points)

    I had the same issue and have now solved it.


    Here is how: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2633729?start=229&tstart=0


    Hope this helps,


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    Hi Jerome. Thank you I can access my iTunes account now. thank you. But when I try and sync my iPhone to iTunes it keeps on asking me to authorize my computer. I go through the whole process of "store", "authorize this computer", I enter my password and says that "this computer is already authorised. Including this one, you have authorised one computer out of your available 5." I click ok and then try and sync and the message "the iPhone "Gregs iPhone" could not be synced because this computer is no longer authorized for purchased items that are on this iPhone. To authorize this computer for items purchased from the iTunes Store, choose Store > Authorize This Computer."


    pleaes can you help on this one too.

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    Hi Zam.

    Glad you can now log on to your iTunes account.


    I forgot to mention that you have to re-enable cookies in Safari (choose anyhting but "always" for blocking cookies). Sorry for that.

    That might be the reason for your problem.


    If not, do you have items purchase with another AppleID on your iPhone?

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    Thank you Jerome


    After several chats with Apple it was your response which pointed me the the right direction to resolve this problem. While deleting the cookies alone didn't fix my problem, deleting EVERYTHING under

    C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes 

    or YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes

    eg a level higher in the folder structure (after making a backup folder so I could replace if needed)

    my problem was fixed and I can't tell you how ready I was to turf 3 new iphones as I had tried and retried all the Apple fixes which were nothing like this. Im surprised an uninstall and reinstall didn't take out the offending file, but I do know that it was one or more of the ones in the iTunes folder.


    Many thanks for taking the time to share your finding with us.


    PS Apple, please keep this alive for others to get help and consider adding it as one of your listed fixes for this error message as I had tried ALL the ones listed on your sites without success. This really works.

  • Jerome Colas Level 2 (220 points)

    Great that you solved it LadyBytes.


    To be fair with Apple, the solution (for the Mac) was given to me by Apple support (after quite a long series of chats with iTunes support and Apple technical support)


    So, the good news is that Apple is aware of the issue, and a fix will more than probably come in the near future.


    Have a great day,


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    Noted - It is a shame if its a known fix, that its not included in their Known Error Database and added as a possible soluton to their troubleshooting steps for this specific error message "We could not complete your iTunes Store request. The iTunes Store is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later".


    There are quite a few reporting the same error. I hope they keep this up to help others.

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    Unsure if this will help anyone but I had the same problem with the message always coming up when I tried to login: "We could not complete your iTunes Store request. The iTunes Store is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later."


    What I couldn't understand was that I could log into iTunes online, but not through the iTunes app, becoming very frustrated I went to drastic measures to get everything working again - although I found this post after I had success.


    To add to the issue, my iPhone (4S - iOS7) was visible on iTunes (latest version), but some of my apps had failed to sync (showing grey on my iPhone and being unable to delete them), causing further issues and adding to my frustrations....which attributed to the drastic measures posted below.


    (You may want to try following the above posts before following my method)



    **** Apple support provided me with an email containing many links, all of which didn't really help me, but I'll post anyway, just incase they assist someone else:

    "Dear Luke,

    Thank you for writing to iTunes Store Customer Support, my name is Indra and I'll be assisting to you with your concern.

    I understand that you are unable to login to your iTunes store account and getting message that the iTunes Store is temporarily unavailable. I can imagine you must be eager to access your account and I will do my best to resolve this issue.

    Luke, as an advisor for the iTunes Store, I handle issues related to billing, downloading, customer accounts, and the items available on the iTunes Store. Although your question falls outside of my area of specialty, I will be happy to assist you with resolving your issue.

    I have verified that the iTunes Store is functioning and accepting connections. The issue could have been temporary, related to your internet connection, your local network, or your computer itself. If you’re still unable to connect, this article outlines some potential solutions:

    Can't connect to the iTunes Store


    These articles have helped other Windows users resolve connection issues:

    iTunes for Windows: iTunes Store connection troubleshooting


    iTunes for Windows: Could not establish a secure connection to the iTunes Store


    iTunes for Windows: can't access the Internet if proxy settings are incorrect


    iTunes: Troubleshooting security software issues


    Firewall, virus-protection, and web-acceleration software can prevent you from connecting to the iTunes Store. You might not be able to connect even if the software appears to be configured to allow full access to the iTunes Store. You can use the MSCONFIG utility to determine if software on your computer is preventing access to the iTunes Store. For detailed instructions, please refer to the following article:

    Using Msconfig to troubleshoot conflicts in Windows Vista and Windows 7


    If the articles above don't help you connect to the iTunes Store, I suggest testing to see if this issue occurs while you are signed in to a new user account on your computer. To learn how to create a new user account in your version of Windows, please read the article below for your operating system:

    How to create and configure user accounts in Windows XP


    Windows Vista: Create a user account


    Windows 7: Create a user account


    Windows 8: Create a user account


    Once you are signed in to this new user account, open iTunes and try to connect to the iTunes Store. If you can connect without error, then you’ve identified that the issue is with the previous user account that you were using. You may want to consider adopting this new account as your user account and transferring your files from the old account to your new one.

    If you require more assistance, you may wish to call our AppleCare technical support team. A technical Advisor will be able to tell you about Apple's complimentary and fee-based support options as well as assist you in determining what option might be most helpful in this case. To find the appropriate phone number, please visit:

    Contacting Apple for support and service


    I hope that the information provided above is helpful.

    Thank you for contacting us and have a nice day!


    iTunes Store Customer Support





    But if the above doesn't work for you then you can follow my method...in the end, I perfomed the following actions which did work:

    1).  Uninstalled iTunes from my computer (via Control Panel > Programs & Features)

    2).  Located the iTunes folder containing media, Previous Libraries etc (normally located under your Music folder) and simply moved it to my desktop. (can't afford to delete)

    3). Downloaded iTunes.

    4). Plugged my iPhone into my laptop and moved all contents across to my desktop (photo's).

    5). Restored my iPhone erasing ALL data (extreme but desperate measures were required) - you may want to back it up, but I personally didn't have anything that I couldn't afford to loose on it.

    6). Set-up my iPhone (set language etc...) including iCloud, but did not plug it into my laptop.

    7). Chose the following iPhone settings>   

              > iCloud - Contacts turned off

              > Mail, Contacts, Calendars - iCloud Contacts turned off (same end result)

              > iTunes & App Store - made sure I was logged in via Apple ID.

    7). Closed Outlook.

    8). Re-installed iTunes, saving it on the C:> default location.

    9). Followed the normal iTunes install prompts, setting it up as new. (making sure I had NO apps or music - clean slate)

    10). Plugged my iPhone into my laptop, waiting for it to appear as it normally does.

    11). Checked for iOS updates and iTunes updates (all good)

    12). Checked Sync Contacts with Outlook (opening Outlook at the same time) - Calendars I left to the iCloud

    13). APPLY....once sync finally completed (this time SUCCESSFUL) I was able to click iTunes Store and LOG IN.....finally!


    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------


    I probably didn't have to perform all 13 steps, but that's exactly what I did to get everything working again!


    There is probably someone out there who will be able to explain why I couldn't login to iTunes, why many of my apps didn't load onto my iPhone correctly, why everything failed to sync and probably able to shorten the above 13 steps to a quick fix.... but for now, everything is finally working and my 48hrs of frustration has come to an stress free end!

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    Update on my previous post.


    iTunes showed I was logged in, displaying my Apple ID on the screen (left bar where it normally is) but I couldn't access my account, with the same error message coming up again!  (seriously this is total BS)


    I deleted EVERYTHING under

    C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes

    or YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes


    Some people have had success only deleting everything in the cookies folder

    C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\Cookies


    Thank you LadyBytes

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    Just had to post this incase it helps someone.

    I had the same problem and tried all the above remedies and still had the same issue.

    I finally solved it by not changing the DNS on my laptop/desktop but by changing the DNS settings to and on my router.

    Some symptoms - 2 pcs on the same network running windows 8 had the same problem with Itunes. The Itunes download buttons on the apple website were not working.  Some apple KB pages did not work. Some secure pages did not work.

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    I have the same issue as everyone else here. I have tried every link, every instructions provided and I even went and created a new, completely different account and still I get the same error.


    I went through the registry and clean out anything pertaining to Itunes and Apple.


    Downloaded ITunes again and then created and totally different account and still get the same error.


    WTH is going on with ITunes??


    Any other suggestion on how to resolve this??


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    LadyBytes, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I google'd the words "We could not complete your iTunes store request" and it brought me to this thread. All I was trying to do is UPDATE my darn phone to iOS 8.4, and it kept giving me the error! Trying your solution to delete the "iTunes" folder in AppData/Roaming WORKED PERFECTLY. Ah, I owe you one, that saved me such a headache!

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    Jerome is a lifesaver! This saved my bacon tonight.

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    That was 2 years ago, I hope they are still workington it. I have this problem but will continue to try all the suggestions.

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    I saw a post from 2010! This is crazy that this is occurring on both the Windows and the Mac side. I'm having this issue with the Mac and Jerome's solution didn't work. I can't tell if my problem happened after my hard drive crashed and I replaced it and restored from my Time Machine Backup, or if this happened after I backed up to iTunes and restored my iPad for repairs. In any case, I cannot follow the solution for the Windows fix. Here is what I've tried without any success:


    Jerome'ssolution - nada

    Checked another user account and found same problem

    Tried moving iTunes to trash, but error said OS needs iTunes to function

    Made a duplicate of iTunes and ran from there (I knew it wouldn't work, but it was worth a try)

    Downloaded iTunes and installed but same problem

    Tried looking in the system Library for files I could rename temporarily to see if that would fix it, but it didn't

    Tried looking in my home library for anything I could remove, and nothing I did helped.