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I have updated to iOS7 on an iPhone 4.  (I have also updated to 7.0.2 and the problem is not resolved.)  When I play music in iTunes or listen to an audiobook with Audible I no longer get a "play" symbol up by the batery charge indicator. I get all the other symbols up there  (bluetooth, do not distrurb, compass for GPS) but the play symbol (sideways triangle) does not appear.  IT did when I first upgraded but something has happened and it no longer shows up. I have restarted 5 times.  I have upgraded to 7.0.2.  Can i anyone point me in the direction to get this fixed?  It seems trivial but I actually use the symbol to know if my audiobook is still playing in the car when I take a call. It is a useful visual refernce for me.  Please help.

iPhone 4, iOS 7.0.2