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I was watching a rental. It froze in the middle and looked like it was not downloading anymore.

So I did a restart, hoping it would help: bad idea: no I've lost my rental. If I want to watch that movie, I have to rent it again!

Any idea? I've updated to 6.0, and never had that prb before, so I suppose it is linked to it.

Thanks for your help.


  • Winston Churchill Level 10 (95,576 points)

    Try movies > rentals or settings > iTunes Store > Check for...

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    I had the same problem after updating to 6.0. With version 5.x all was working fine.


    When renting a movie on version 6, I was puzzled to get a choice to rent it and watch it now or rent it and watch it later. I don't see really what that is supposed to be good for?

    Anyway, I rented one movie to watch later and another one to watch immediatley. The latter one downloaded and I started to watch it. Unfortunately, I fell asleep in the middle of the movie and decided to watch it again the next day. But with version 6, there is no way to get to that movie again. Checking for rentals just displays the spinning icon forever.

    The movie that I rented to watch later never showed up anywhere. There is no rentals section displayed on the upper left anymore since 6.0 and searching for rentals also didn't bring up any movies.

    I contacted Apple and told them, that I don't see any reason, why I should pay for a movie, that I could never watch and they reimbursed me for the one film.


    Version 6 seems to really be screwed up, when you read all the problems taht people are having. I installed the update they brought out yesterday, but have not tested if that solves the problem. I don't feel like going through the same thing again, so I just rented a movie via my iPad and will stream it to my TV. Hopefully streaming still works as it shoud and did.


    If you update to 6.0x and rental works fine again, please drop a note here.





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    same problem for me, when i rented Fast & Furious 6 yesterday I could watch it directly but today when another one in my family also wanted to see it we couldn't find it again. We rented Hummingbird for 30 min ago and now when we want to watch it we can not find it again either. Very bad apple, what the **** to do now?? and its not possible to rent it again because ATV tells me that i have already rented it so i have to look in download section but there is no section like that to choose. And when i go in to my settings and Itunes account and check for rentals the icon spinns forever :-(

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    Same problem except I ordered it to watch now and the movie went off halfway through and said I had a network problem.  Apple TV cannot find rental though I can see it in my iTunes account on my laptop.

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    the problem seems to be fixed for me by doing the following steps:


    1. Log out of iTunes account in the Apple TV Software


    2. Reset the Apple TV via the software command


    3. Set up Apple TV again


    4. Log into Apple iTunes account


    After this procedure, I had the rentals section show up again and Apple TV would find rentals, when searching for them.


    Hope this helps.





  • Lauri Level 1 (140 points)

    I got it to work just by signing out and signing back in to iTunes on the AppleTV. Didn't have to do a reset of the device.

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    Same problem, but the latest software update seems to fix it.