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    Everybody with iphone here (i know about 60 ppl) have same bug, just jailbroken dont have,but its 2-3 people. i dont want jailbrake and look for solution in cydia. It was horrible to travel in another country with  maps without internet. if you dont touch ipad mini, maps trying to refresh and of course a way , that you paved at hotel with wi-fi, dont exist anymore, coz IT WAS TRYING TO REFRESH without 3G!!! ***?!    its like broken expensive bookreader. i'm really thinking to throw out apple phones/ipads to me and my family.

  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,695 points)

    TheHAAG wrote:


    @Chris CA: Banks dont like to give out information about systems it could be a security vialation.

    In other words, you have absolutely no idea that "due to this problem a number of banks have moved back to blackberries because of this very issue".

    Like, "Bob told Mary, who overheard Ian talking to someone else about something".

    You were simply putting up an anecdotal comment, nothing of real value or validity.


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    I work in IT at a VERY large financial institution and I can say with certainty that we've slowed/halted our migration from Blackberries to iPhones/iPads for this and other issues users have reported.  Blackberries are not perfect but they are the devil we know and are able to support. Our pilot group was fitted with 4ses and initial feedback was good but as we updated the IOS on these devices we had more and more problems forcing us to halt deployment and reevaluate.  If these were PCs we would have backed out the upgrade, especially in hindsight with no fix being offered for so long. Unfortunately, this is not an option Apple offers.  With fewer issues being reported on the 5s we will likely wait until the 4s cycle out before we attempt a redeployment.  We have definitely learned our lesson about IOS updates and will never take them for granted again. 

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    Ios upgrades eventually kill older devices.

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    Yes you can't support older devices forever but there are three mitigating circumstances here:


    1) 4s isn't that old.  It's only two major models behind in the primary product line (5c doesn't count)

    2) The recent SSL vulnerability forced many people to update their device for security reasons

    3) There is no ability to back out of an upgrade.

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    Can we get back to fixing the issue? Has anyone tried calling support and asking for someone at a higher level? Referencing this post ID would help.

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    I have tried calling. Many people here have tried calling. I think we need to bombard Apple tech support with calls on this subject. Please everyone use the feedback links, not that it has solved anything so far.


    Those feedback pages are:

    <-----For iPhone users     <-----For iPad users



    Here is what I just wrote to them on the feedback link:


    Dear sirs. As you are well aware, there is a bug in iOS 7 that makes applications "refresh" when switching between apps. Its a huge problem that started with iOS 7.


    The iOS Community has spoken. See:


    ios7 keeps refreshing apps after switching

    54209 Views 694 Replies



    Why is it then that Apple ignores this problem and tech support people are trained to pretend it doesn't exist?


    Can you not see the impact it is having on your customer satisfaction ratings?


    I think we deserve an official comment from Apple as to the status of this bug.


    Please reply.

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    Ditto. Show us that someone is reading this other than those that are experiencing the problem.

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    Hi guys,

    I expressed my frustration with this bug in here before.

    I had to see an Apple Store today here in Melbourne to get my iPhone5 replaced (battery fault and sleep/wake button recall) which was a very smooth process actually.

    While I was there I had a chat with the genius bar technician and asked him if he or Apple as such is aware of the app refresh bug we discuss here. He confirmed that it's known and he personally suffers from the bug on his private iPad3 as well. His general view is that all iOS development is 'facing forward' and - just for minor exceptions - hardly ever addresses glitches with older hardware. The low ram is causing the problem as we and Apple know. According to him iPad3 is the worst because it has almost the same system but 4 times the pixels to push around in comparison to iPad2.

    Long story short. Don't hold your breath on any improvements for old hardware with iOS updates. Apple is only interested in new hardware generation. And how to make it sell of course.

    So maybe a lesson learnt here? Never upgrade to an iOS higher than original iOS version plus 2? Means iPhone 4 not higher than iOS6? iPad 2 also not higher than iOS6?

    Sad but probably pretty close to reality. I will keep an eye on this thread and will hold off buying any new Apple hardware before this is not fully resolved even in newer products. It's a massive road block and my view of Apple products definitely has some scratches and dents now...


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    ios devices have always been lower in RAM then their competing contemperories from Android. the last update to any ios device always renders useless as a primary device.

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    Lets suppose you are right, and it only affects people with older hardware. (I'm pretty sure others with new hardware have expressed their problems here too but I don't have time to research it) Apple should having recognized this problem and allow me to revert my OS back to a working stable version. I'm pretty sure AT&T was still offering the iPhone 4s when iOS version 7 came out. My iPhone 4s was only a few months old when the update came out.


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    I don't buy the latest devices/looking forward line.  I have an ipad4 64gb purchased less than a year ago (Father's Day present from my family last year) ... It exhibits these behaviors more than it should if that is the case.  I also don't believe your average genius really knows the apple software roadmap, priority bug queue or what's in the mind of people who are actually accountable for the product line (or the engineers tasked with making it happen). ... I do believe they think they do ... They are "geniuses" ... And if you talk with one who has some charisma they might convince you they know something beyond their tactical domain.  My guess is apple made a major architectual change in 7 that just doesn't work very well and unwinding/remediating it is more than a bug fix.  Since they haven't acknowledged, I'm guessing they haven't figured it out to the extent thye are confident in a release plan so what's to gain from acknowledging it (besides more scrutiny/bad press).

  • AceNeerav Level 1 (95 points)

    i am not saying they do it delibrately.

  • AceNeerav Level 1 (95 points)

    what i know for sure is that unlike other software companies apple doesn't put huge teams at work on something but small teams who know the stuff best. and obviously security issues feature higher on their priority.


    i am sure that if apple ever fixes this, and it hopefully will, it not going to appear again ever on any ios device in the future.

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