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  • lforbes Level 1 Level 1

    It has nothing to do with low memory or older devices. I have a brand new iPad Air and iPhone 5S. Both have the issue and it is as pronounced as it is on my iPad2 and iPad Mini.


    It is a bug with the way iOS caches stuff. Maybe it is the new "preview" that is messing things up but that wouldn't explain the tabs in safari.


    Safari had a page that I was on 3 days ago flash when I opened it even though I closed the page 3 days ago. It is a bug but if they are blaming it on older devices they are wrong.

  • Lacer Level 1 Level 1

    It's not a problem limited to older devices. I've tested this on the latest iPad Air and iPhone 5s and get similar behavior - the threshold is just a bit higher and the refreshes are a little faster.


    And the idea that Apple limits their focus to security issues and other such dangerous bugs - rubbish. The vast majority of updates since 7.0 came out have been useless tweaks to colors, fonts, button styles, and keyboard "issues."


    No doubt they're aware - I spent a couple days troubleshooting with an Apple engineer way back in November - and I'm sure it's not a simple issue to solve.  What amazes me is the press' near silence on the issue.  All they care about are the useless cosmetic issues mentioned above.


    My company is set to unleash their upgrade cycle in a month, and I'm overdue for an upgrade to my 4s.  The GS5 and HTC One are looking better and better in light of this refresh garbage.

  • VerminZ Level 1 Level 1

    You are right for 100% about "focus" of Apple..IOS 7 on 4s it's like any new OS on Pentium III.

  • chronicon helveticum Level 1 Level 1

    I see this as a software problem exacerbated by the lower memory on older devices. iOS 7 is Apple's 'Vista' and I suspect that the refresh problem is so embedded in the software architecture that there was little or nothing they could do once it had been released. Like many companies, Apple is always looking ahead a year or two, so I suspect that development teams would only be allowed to repair critical security fixes or relatively low cost, high visibility patches, often cosmetic. Since the release of iOS 7, I presume most iOS software engineers would have been assigned to iOS 8 development with strict instructions to get it right this time.


    I suspect unrealistic deadlines were imposed on the iOS 7 dev team and Apple must be regretting this now. They have lost a huge amount of goodwill and have lost the trust of many of their champions. The people on this forum are generally highly tech-aware and will include those asked to provide guidance on corporate policy on mobile devices. I have just moved to an Android phone and very slick it feels too. I have become reluctant to stick with Apple where viable alternatives exist.


    It remains my hope that iOS 8 will put Apple back on track as I must admit I am reluctant to move away from the iPad. It was a great device and hope it will be again.

  • oscarfromguilford Level 1 Level 1

    ghbyram wrote:


    ... My guess is apple made a major architectual change in 7 that just doesn't work very well and unwinding/remediating it is more than a bug fix.  Since they haven't acknowledged, I'm guessing they haven't figured it out to the extent thye are confident in a release plan so what's to gain from acknowledging it (besides more scrutiny/bad press).

    Yes, this is my guess too. In fact, this is really the only logical explanation for the course this problem has taken. Very well put, thanks.

  • Chris CA Level 9 Level 9

    ERSinclair wrote:



    Here is what I just wrote to them on the feedback link:



    Please reply.

    FYI: Did you read the 1 sentence on the feedback page that states, "please note that we cannot respond to the comments you submit."?

  • jamessmke Level 1 Level 1

    because of this huge nasty problem we've been discussing to no avail on this thread, i got rid of my iphone 4S five months ago and got a Google Nexus 5. it worked flawlessly for the first 4.5 months yet in the past few weeks i've actually been getting an app refresh issue to similar to what I had on iPhone 4S. ok, it doesn't happen nearly as often, and when it happens, the app re-opens a lot faster than it did on iPhone 4S, but same idea. i asked my friend who is an engineer at Google about it and he said that all phones, whether Apple or Android, will automatically kill apps when they run out of available RAM. so anyway i have no idea why that's randomly starting to happen to me now on my Nexus 5 since I don't think I'm using more RAM than I was before. so i'm curious regarding iPhone, is it just that iPhones have less memory, especially the older ones, which causes it to happen way more often and way worse than on Android? or is it actually a bug / bad programming that causes iOS 7 to misuse the memory it has available?

  • afwilcox Level 1 Level 1

    Closing apps when out of memory makes sense from an architecture standpoint.


    A simple workaround for this would be to provide a screen to let users prioritize what order they want their apps to close in.  This way if people have a specific app(s) that they want to stay open - for me it is the music player they can "protect" them.

  • AceNeerav Level 1 Level 1

    a default browser is much more than an ordinary app! if music can continue to play in background whats a small tab to keep open. its just impossible to work with forms.

  • usasnq Level 1 Level 1

    What kills me is that it doesn't happen on my old iPad 1 running whatever was the last update for it.  That sucker keeps plugging along as well as it did when it was new.  On my 4s the apps haven't changed since I moved to IOS 7 so why now are they causing problems?  I bought a top of the line 64Gb 4s with the intention of keeping it for as long as possible.  I didn't figure it would only be a couple of years.  For what it cost, I don't believe a class action lawsuit for diminution in value is out of the question.  The device was vetted by the mfg as being compatible with IOS 7, IOS 7 was loaded and previous features inherent to the product became nonfunctional.  Sounds like diminution in value to me.


    I had a similar issue with my Sony PS3 when GTA 4 came out.  My console and many others simply couldn't run it and Sony sent me a brand new one at their expense despite it being out of warranty for over two years. Something similar would be nice from Apple if they can’t fix it.

  • tomsruk Level 1 Level 1

    I've been silent for a while, but have to speak up again.


    Thank you to everyone (well, almost everyone - not mentioning any names) who has contributed so far. It goes a long way to know you are not alone.


    I too have invested thousands of pounds in Apple gear. When it 'just works', there's nothing better. My iPhone on 4S was an absolutely wonderful device. Never had any issues, and I'm a very heavy user. I was shocked to see how blazingly fast a friend's 3GS was on iOS5. I remember how sloppy it felt before I upgraded to my iPhone 4S on iOS6.


    My iPad 2 was a magical thing - a workhorse and a really fun bit of kit. Now just a glorfied web surfer, as I can't trust it to do anything else.


    I too am reluctant to move to another brand. I have invested heavily in apps and software.


    At best, I will have had a year of a very poor bit of kit (when iOS8 is released and fixes this issue).

    At worst, I will have to reinvest in different devices and apps.


    Either way, it's pretty disgraceful.

  • ERSinclair Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, Chris CA, I did read the comment that states, "please note that we cannot respond to the comments you submit."?


    I'd like to see Apple respond to the public regarding this software bug.

  • TheHAAG Level 1 Level 1

    Chris this problem is for apple to investigate, phone numbers and personal information that could jeperdise security for the bank mentioned in the previous comments by me will not be the result of me giving you information to get you to believe this is not False information. I have seen a lot of your comments on this and many other forums that get removed. instead of focusing on the main problem you try to find logical fallacies. A true Apple fan would focus on making any company that they have grown to love and trust into something that is respecful to their customers and assuring promised quility. Now, if i were to be contacted directly by Apple I would happly supply a phone number however since your of no value that information is not needed yet you attempt logical fallacies rather than focusing on the problem, we are here to solve problems not personal problems or ego building domination of forums..


    Hoping Apply reply doesnt mean they will reply directly, Unless Steve Wozniak joins Apple I dont think we would ever get a direct reply. I agree with the old hardware comment however they should then make a clear policy since Apple focuses on quality not to leave older hardware without the quility they are assuring. Yes Apple are over priced compared to compeditors but i have always loved apple for their innovation mixed with quaility. Apple let me down in the past with previous Mac OS X operating systems and also let me down from their lack of support for Legacy applications on PowerPc and PowerPC archi (specially school with low budget that got locked in to Apple for Multimedia). I believe Apple need to focus more on Legacy support and ending it with a clear guidline that the quility of this product has reached its maximum life span and will no longer be supported.

  • Chris CA Level 9 Level 9

    usasnq wrote:


    What kills me is that it doesn't happen on my old iPad 1 running whatever was the last update for it

    My iPad 1 does this all the time.

    I don't bother with multiple tabs anymore when using it.

  • Chris CA Level 9 Level 9

    TheHAAG wrote:


    Chris this problem is for apple to investigate, phone numbers and personal information that could jeperdise security for the bank mentioned in the previous comments by me will not be the result of me giving you information to get you to believe this is not False


    I didn't ask for any personal info. All I asked for was the name of the bank, which you won;t even name.

    You attemted tp spread FUD and and posted one single anectdotal story.

    You did not state that it was simply someone in a bank told you something.

    You wrote, "due to this problem a number of banks have moved back to blackberries because of this very issue".

    Evven then you back pedaled and changed that to "banks located in Australia but they didnt state if they currently were on iPhones and iPad currently but this was there response when i asked why they were still using blackberries".


    So you have no idea if anyone has actually changed or even intends to change anything. You simply were simply told by one bank employee they were frustrated.


    We get it. There is a issue that needs to be resolved. No need to make up stuff.

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