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    Yes, this is NOT a memory problem.  This is NOT an old device issue.  There is no reason why Safari pages should be forced to refresh upon returning to the app. I can't even compare two tabs (flip back and forth) because of the refreshes.  There is also no reason iBooks should close. On and on...  We have two iPads in the house:  one loaded with stuff and the other practically empty. Same behavior.


    I have been very vocal in complaining to app developers, essentially accusing them of not implementing the new "multitasking" API correctly and have been successful in putting them on the defensive. Since it's nearly impossible to figure out Apple's disastrous iOS 7 rollout myself, and Apple won't answer, make them answer to app developers who are getting complaints. Kayak:  Why are your filters and searches resetting?  Zappos:  What happened to my search with ten search terms that just went 'poof'?


    On another note, I just won a new iPad Mini.  Keep it?  No way. I'm giving it to my Mom for Mother's Day because she will use it for Facebook, mail, and the occasional web search. Wow, expensive hardware for such limited use.  I consider myself an iPad "power user," but my wings have been clipped by iOS 7.  My next tablet is going to be a Sony or Google whatever, unless Apple can get its act together.

  • ERSinclair Level 1 Level 1

    I agree with you about no reason for pages to reload. I agree 100%. Be careful not to rant however, I've had one message deleted and one edited today. I feel your pain. I really do. I will not be buying another Apple device as a result of this glitch / bug / feature. I had to double my data plan to account for the extra refreshes too.

  • TheHAAG Level 1 Level 1

    Im not making things up or trying to spread FUD and I have said someone who works there.. Maybe someone likes deleted reponses on this forum... legal represenatives maybe.. either way, thats not nice...


    Anyway, back to the issue.... its interesting that people have stated this issue has also happened with newer hardware, I am yet to repoduce it with newer systems but if that is the case it would be either a memory leak in the OS or something wrong with the kernal architecture??

  • lforbes Level 1 Level 1

    I have the other devices too and because of the apps still use the iPads about a thousand times more over the Galaxy Tab, Blackberry Playbook and windows 8 tablet. They are just used for ebooks and Netlix now.


    I just wish Apple would acknowledge that they are at least TRYING to fix this issue. I won't buy another Apple device until they do.


    They have never ignored bugs like this for this long. I mean 4 updates in and still no fix?

  • augratin Level 1 Level 1

    viob wrote:


    So maybe a lesson learnt here? Never upgrade to an iOS higher than original iOS version plus 2?


    The lesson that most IT professionals have known for a long time is: never upgrade your operating system or firmware or baseband unless you have a pressing business need - and you can accept the risks and uncertainties that come with the change.  Change always invites problems.  I have friends who see that my phone and one of my tablets is still on iOS6 and they ask why I haven't upgraded to the latest and greatest OS.  My response is always the same: iOS6 is still working just fine for my needs.


    I bought a 64GB iPad Air two weeks ago, so now I'm faced with 7.1.1.  I had no choice - all of my lecture materials are on Keynote and I'm not ready to spend weeks recreating all of that content in PowerPoint or some other presentation platform.  At this time I can report that the app reloading still happens occasionally, but nowhere near as much as it does on my older 32GB iPad 1.  And when it does reload, it does so very quickly - in the blink of an eye.  Not in the way that the iPad 1 used to hand for 3-5 seconds, thn reload the app, then hang for another 3-5 seconds before finally not returning you to where you left off.

  • AceNeerav Level 1 Level 1

    ERSinclair wrote:

    I had to double my data plan to account for the extra refreshes too.

    and i feel your pain as well. Not only am i exhausting my data plan, I am also having trouble in my wifi connection as it has a limited usage.

  • AceNeerav Level 1 Level 1

    i call this refresh-gate !

  • DA:MAC Level 1 Level 1

    The only way Apple will actually care about this issue is if the press/blogs/Apple fan sites run it as a news item. I can't believe it is getting no press coverage, yet Apple changing the way the shift key looks was hot news of the week.


    If Engadget ran a headline like "iOS 7 app refresh glitch plagues millions of iPhone and iPad users" then Apple would have to take notice. Is anyone here a journalist who can make a headline like that happen?

  • RibEyes Level 1 Level 1

    DA:MAC is absolutely right. This needs the press. As many of us as possible need to start contacting tech sites, blogs, etc and like them here.


    I had an online chat with an Apple rep the other day for another issue (Play All missing from videos in iOS7. Argh!) and I mentioned this issue out of interest. He said he'd never had it raised with him before so I linked him here and he said he'd be passing it "up the chain". We'll see. Everyone here could also try the same thing. At least we're communicating with real people then instead of shouting into the iVoid.


    Finally, I noticed the earlier that it has now become unconscious habit to select all and copy any text I've written in an email, Facebook post, etc, before I leave the app for fear that it won't be there when I get back. That is a very sad state of affairs on such an expensive, premium device (iPhone 5).

  • AceNeerav Level 1 Level 1

    "Finally, I noticed the earlier that it has now become unconscious habit to select all and copy any text I've written in an email, Facebook post, etc, before I leave the app for fear that it won't be there when I get back."


    Same here!

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    Hi - I resisted upgrading to iOS7 because so many friends did not like it - however Apple in its wisdom decided that I could not use FaceTime again til I upgraded! I hate the fact that I cannot 'amble' back and forth between open apps, email, safari, notes etc? Tell me who to complain to and I will!

  • AceNeerav Level 1 Level 1

    Today i was at a mall which has free wifi.  I was with 3 other people, one with a nokia lumia, one with a samsung android phone and one with an old sony Ericsson android phone with a tiny 2.5 inch screen. They all received the wifi signal where we were at the food court, but my recently replaced iphone 5 running ios 7.1.1 didnt!


    I have an airport express 2nd gen at my home which is a typical urban 2 bhk apartment. The router is in the middle of the apartment. My parents sony android and samsung android phones receive signal in the inner bedroom but my iphone 5 doesnt!


    The camera shows the imfamous purple tint all the time when pointed towards white light.


    The speaker sound is drastically low. Cant hear the ringtone unless it very close to me.


    All this after having 3 macbook replacements spaning 12 repairs

    5 iphone replacemnts spanning 3 models

    1 ipad replacement

    A dozen inear earphones and earpod replacemnts

    Not to mention charger and cable replacements

    1 ipod replacement

    This is since just 2008!


    I am beginning to loose a track of its failure!


    Now my apple recharable batteries charger is giving problems and its not even been a year!

    The new macbook air 2013 i bought in november has distorted display, freeze on wake, screen flicker and several other issues like freeze on wake from apple tv!


    The apple tv would stream hd content fine from youtube and other third party apps but wont download trailers and rented movies on my 10mbps upload and 10 mbps download connection. Been a year now since i got it and have stopped renting movies completely after several failed downloads for which i was charged!!! Apple rep says please download on computer and stream via airplay! Thats not what i bought the apple tv for u irresponsible company's rep!


    I think its me who has been stupid all this while keeping high expetations from a brand whos products have consistently failed me. And i dont know how many non technical users i have gotten trapped by locking them into the apple eco system over the years with my fanboism!

  • ERSinclair Level 1 Level 1

    @iforbs - your message was deleted. I looked at the link you included in your message and this problem was not called out. I notice the moderators have had their hands full redacting posts off this forum. 

  • chronicon helveticum Level 1 Level 1

    My response has just been deleted and I got an email from the moderators ...

  • lforbes Level 1 Level 1

    I get the email copies of all the posts, even the deleted ones. I read the terms of use, and my post did not violate any of them.


    My only reason for posting was to see if Apple was actually aware of this issue which they would be if it made the news. All I want, and all anyone here wants, is for them to make it a priority and fix it AND tell us they are doing so.


    This is FAR worse issue than the Map app in that there were at least app alternatives to that one. The Map App one made the evening news and it is still not fixed, and I have reported it 100x in the app as it contains inaccurate street names all over my town and they have not added any new streets for 5 years.


    This refresh issue makes my devices unusable for what I use them for.  I have spent thousands of dollars on Apple products over the years and this one OS upgrade made them not work properly.


    Apple is a business. Their business success relies on customer satisfaction. It is not like there are not a million cheaper alternative tablets and phones out there to switch to. I don't want to, I just want what I paid them for to work as expected.

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