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  • paulfromstone Level 1 Level 1

    Whilst looking to see how to actually complain (looking for the Apple equivalent of Microsoft Connect!), I've stumbled upon what appears to be a duplicate thread (, where it appears that Apple is on the case. This thread's older, so that one's the duplicate :-)

  • chronicon helveticum Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks paulfromstone, that's great news. So Apple are clearly aware of the problem but in their inimitable way are keeping quiet about it. I suspect that there is nothing more we can do but wait in hope for 7.0.5. It might be nice to let the other thread know they are not alone. Once one of us has joined the thread, any significant developments could be reported back here. Paulfromstone, as the discoverer of said thread, the honour is yours!

  • paulfromstone Level 1 Level 1

    Looks like babsonnexus has beaten me to it!

  • Solarc Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you for connecting our thread to yours! Has Apple contacted anyone from this thread?  We had several people contacted including myself about this issue and we uploaded logs and app snapshots.

  • chronicon helveticum Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Solarc, welcome to our thread! A little further back I posted a reference to yet another one so this problem is pretty widespread. As far as I know no one from this thread has been contacted by Apple though two of us have been to Apple stores to speak to Apple Geniuses. On my visit, the staff filled in a support issue on my behalf.


    I noticed one of your guys contacted Apple under the warrantee of a new phone. Can you recommend an effective way of raising our profile with Apple if we are out of warrantee or out of Apple Care? Or do you think that Apple are so aware of this that more complaining will be pointless?

  • Solarc Level 1 Level 1

    I think the squeaky wheel gets the grease!  I would say a call to tech support about the issue is very productive because these calls are always monitored and logged for issues and employee performance. BTW I spoke with one of my customers last night with a iphone 4 ios 7 causes his phone to be slow and crash out. Apple tech told him iphone 4 only met minimums for running ios7. But what do you do when you can't downgrade to 6 cause they quit signing the files? Really resembles a Microsoft move to force upgrade! Anyway let's keep on this together. Join our thread to get updates from ours.

  • pmgreene Level 1 Level 1

    Couldn't resist piling on the Microsoft comment.  iOS 7 just seems to be bloated software that works poorly,  just like Microsoft.


    I had found the other thread after a lot of searching and just got redirected to this one.  I have the issue on both my iPhone 4S and Ipad 2.  My biggest frustration is Google maps which I use frequently while driving to see traffic.  After I get the map view zoomed and positioned to show my route, it gets reset if I get a phone call or switch away for any reason.  I know for a fact that this never happened on iOS 6 since I used Google maps every day.  


    I also put in a support comment on Google maps as  I thought that it might be that their app does not correctly support multitasking.  Another app that does not support switching well is Evernote, which I find resets frequently when I switch back to it.  Some apps don't seem to have the issue which is why I thought it might be an app problem as well as an iOS problem.  Of course, the fact that Safari does it is amusing, but that may just be that the left hand never talks to the right hand.


    I agree with an earlier comment this has not received any press attention and that it is difficult to come up with the correct search terms to find this thread.  Many people I work with don't switch apps a lot and did not notice this until I pointed it out.  But it happens on every iPad that I have seen.

  • Bardzo Level 1 Level 1

    This is incredibly frustrating. I wish they wouldn't have pulled the plug on the fallback method though because at this point I completely want to go back to iOS6.  Jumping on Apple upgrades is something I certainly won't be doing again in the future.

  • DonVeto Level 1 Level 1

    I read this whole darn thing, so I figured I should jump in since I feel a part of the family now.


    I'm glad I found this thread. I noticed this problem long ago, but couldn't figure out how to explain it, so I put off my search.


    Excruciatingly annoying issue.


    I guess to comment on here and in reference to our sister thread recently joined, the problem occurs for me in pretty much all apps that have a data entry bar of any kind and regardless of order on the multitask bar (there's some talk in the other thread about testing for the reaction happening more than two apps away from the running app in the multitask area). I will say this: it was happening to me for all apps all the time (10 minute wait or not) regardless of order. That is until I closed a ton of running apps. Now I have four apps running and it's not doing it. I even locked it and woke it back up. It did, however, do it after a wait of more than 10 minutes. 


    This might corroborate the memory theory (?)


    For reference, I'm running 7.0.4 on an iPhone 4S. Crossing my fingers for a fix soon. I do really like iOS 7 outside of that. I just can't go back to Android. Blech.


    I'll be watching! Thanks!

  • Lacer Level 1 Level 1

    I was on the other thread with Solarc, et al, but will join here as well.  After having received a call out of the blue from Apple a couple weeks ago in response to my posts on the other thread (where I provided some of my logs, etc.) I haven't heard anything back yet on their efforts to pin this issue down.  For the record, I did a factory reset of my device a week or so ago, followed by a restore from backup; but it didn't change any behavior.  Hard resets where I completely power down, then reboot seem to help to a degree temporarily, but apps will still refresh, even if only a couple are open. 


    Some apps are all but useless.  I went on a trip recently and the ability to use Google Maps was all but killed with this issue since the map would refresh if it wasn't the only app being used.  I had to keep marking my destinations as favorites so I could quickly get back to my route if I ever had to switch to a call, the podcast app, etc.  I really hope they've been able to track down the cause of this and that a fix will come in 7.0.5 or in 7.1.


    Just curious - do any of you here have corporate policies enabled on your devices (password, lock screen requirements, etc.)?  I do and I have another issue related to my call screen controls that seem to be affected by my corporate policy management that I need on my phone.  Just wonder if that could be a common thread here, too.  Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to go through all the hoops to temporarily disable it to see if it has any kind of effect on this refresh madness.

  • chronicon helveticum Level 1 Level 1

    I can now reproduce this with just two open apps: Safari and iBooks. [iPad 2 on 7.0.4]


    1. In Safari create about 8 tabs open at a variety of sites (a typical situation)

    2. Open up a book and flick to a page.

    3. Swap back to Safari and create a new tab.

    4. Flick between the other tabs a few times. This will often cause some of the tabs to refresh (blue progress bar).

    5. Swap back to iBooks.


    This will usually trigger a refresh in iBooks. Sometimes the book will open back at the right page, sometimes to the wrong page, sometimes to a half-turned page (as best as I can describe it) and sometimes the book will remain closed. Occasionally this will crash Safari ...


    This supports the memory theory though who knows what's going on in there. I suspect it's not a simple fix.


    Lacer, my iPad has no corporate policies enabled so I think we can rule that out.


    Can anyone with an iPhone 5 or iPad Air reproduce this? Does it take more tabs in Safari before the problem occurs?

  • Suz Howells Level 1 Level 1

    Comforted (slightly) to know others are equally vexed by this annoying issue. I'm seeing it consistently on my iPad 2, iOS 7.0.4, with 2-6 apps open. The constant seems to be Safari. When switching back to Safari, it refreshes the open tab, losing all data. Switching to another tab also triggers a refresh. Switching back to other open apps produces a variety of behaviors. Some reopen (Scrabble & Words With Friends, for example), some refresh, some behave as expected (remain as left, e.g. Tweetbot). Copying and pasting between apps can be really maddening.


    This is also reproducible on my iPhone 4S. Hope there is a resolution soon, as it's making my iPad virtually unusable for work.

  • herkdriver Level 1 Level 1

    Just throwing in my two pennies. iPad 2, latest iOs.... And what everyone else has said. Painful to have to relog into sites when I switch to another app, even briefly, then back to Safari.


    Just curious if anyone's found the same behavior in other web browsers? When I'm reviewing a flight plan, etc., prior to taking wheels to the airport, I'm under a time crunch, and constantly relogging in really doesn't help.

  • babsonnexus Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, I use Dolphin Browser to the same results. Actually, I cannot keep more than one tab in memory. If I move over a tab, the first tab refreshes when I go back to it, even a moment later.


    I'm not sure if it is related, but I've also been having a deluge of app crashes. Dolphin is one that is crashing regularly, but its been happening a lot with Apple Apps. just today I had Weather crash on me. Mail is not only crashing, but often times the order of my mailboxes gets reset. IE, I have four accounts and I set them in order of D, B, C, A. But after Mail crashes or refreshes in the background, they come back at A, B, C, D and then start to download messages again.


    These problems just keep piling up and I don't believe.

  • simplynora Level 1 Level 1

    I was having this problem for the LONGEST time, but I just turned my phone off (which I NEVER do) and the problem is now gone


    It's worth a try, for anyone still experiencing this

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