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    He said devices ... You can easily have $1k in 2 devices. 


    I have an iphone 4 and an ipad 4th gen 64gb (md512ll/a) ... Ios 7 is tortuous on both devices.  If iphone 4 is abandoned with IOS7 in its current state, my family will be done with apple.  My iphone 4 hardware was awesome until ios 7 -- still very happy with battery life,etc. ...  But given that my ipad has similar software problems as my iphone, i have little confidence that apple can produce a product that just works.  The features driving up minimum specs have zero value to me and i don't have to join the forced march on the recurring revenue trail.


    Generally i think they are overreaching with the platform.  I've learned, for me, what is essential vs. what is a passing curiosity/distraction.  I think many are weary with how these devices have taken over disproportionate attention and are realizing they suffer from info/online overload/fatigue and will be looking to simplify and rebalance.  The fundamental usability has to be rock solid reliable and at least not cause a distraction -- ios7 is a failure in that regards.  The incessant refreshes driving up data usage are borderline negligent given the increasing cost of data.  Apple's bugs are stealing your money if you are on a limited data plan.

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    I understand your frustration,

    but you assume here that 'the bug' is for all ipads in the world, I am temted to think that it's only a minority has this issue, but just large enough the raise eyebrows here on the forum and some websites. So the then problem's don't go on and on and on. We talk about a very small set of user's here, unfortunatly including me but only with Safari...


    My only issue I have in a ipad 4 is that I need to clear cache + data on Safari on ipad, I don't have that issue on a old iphone. My best guess is that there is something on the iPad that is different then from the iPhone.



    this thread should't be about I like windows, my android is cheaper and I like it bla bla bla, if you like Android, please go to a Android forum and tell the world you are happy with it. This thread should be about seeing if we can solve the problem, not general complaining and liking XYZ.

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    Point taken, rvantwisk, on my going off topic though I was simply trying to illustrate how Apple ignoring their users's problems is driving them to other platforms and devices. This is potentially the inverse of the effect that occurred when the iPhone was first released and resulted in a growth in sales of non-iPhone Apple products.


    I don't necessarily assume that the bug affects all iDevices and we have been pondering over the extent of its effect from the early days of this thread. It is unknown and Apple certainly won't tells us.


    When I say the problems go on and on, I refer to the large list of problems that have plagued an apparently large number of users. The numerous forum threads back this up.


    Sadly after 6 months of Apple Store visits, support calls and feedback logs that have involved a lot of us here in a lot of wasted effort getting us exactly nowhere. I am beyond expecting that we will ever see a solution posted here.


    I am neither a Windows nor an Android fanatic but reading through the posts in this thread one can see how many people here have been looking for alternatives.


    Moving to another platform could now be considered a solution to the refresh bug, if a somewhat drastic one.

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    If enough of us can sqeak the same wheel (so to speak), it might get some of them paying attention to the issue.


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    iOS 7 made both my iPhone 4S and my iPad mini unbearable slow. I highly doubt iOS 8 will somehow be lean enough to make them bearable again. yep, android, here we come... sorry apple. we won't stick around if you continue to give us incompetent products.

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    Apple isn't here...once again. Yikes.

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    I've learned, for me, what is essential vs. what is a passing curiosity/distraction.


    The problem is that sales are driven by curiosities and distractions.  Sadly, we are in the minority.  The bulk of Apple's customers aren't doing number crunching or serious productivity on iOS; they're merely looking for the...


    ...ooh look, shiny!

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    I hope Apple is listening.  But somehow, I'm starting to doubt it, since this thread (and many others on other forums) has been around for months now, with no response from Apple. 


    I'm running ios 7 on my iPhone 4s, and have exactly the problem described here on (as far as I can tell) *all* apps. Sometimes, switching away for as short a time as 10-15 seconds is enough to trigger the app to reset.  It's frustrating to the point of being maddening.  The least Apple could do is acknowledge that there is a problem, even if they have to say they don't yet know what's causing it. 


    Show a modicum of respect for your customers, Apple!

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    SJW_Canada wrote:


    I hope Apple is listening.  But somehow, I'm starting to doubt it, since this thread (and many others on other forums) has been around for months now, with no response from Apple.

    As has been pointed out numerous times in this thread, this is a user-to-user forum. Apple doesn't comment. (if there is a specific article in the knowledge base, they may post a link)

    Suggestions here ->

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    This 'unable to multitask' problem on my. 4S is so frustrating and annoying. I can't even keep two tabs on Safari active let alone multitasking apps. Back on iOS 6, I could literally keep unlimited no. of apps in multitasking tray and it wouldn't shut down. My spare Galaxy Y with just 290MB of RAM can multitask better than my 4S. Very disappointed with how Apple treats their customers. It's like they don't care about their customers only. Shame on you Apple for making false claims that you care about your customers.



  • bs.007 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple should put a asterisk next to iPhone 4S on their website telling 'DOES NOT SUPPORT MULTITASKING'.

  • EndOfInfinity Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    They should place it next to "iOS7"...

  • bs.007 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Apologies. Yeah iOS 7. I can without doubt claim that 4S on iOS 6 can multitask way better than 5S on iOS 7.

  • Moodswing1 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm on ios 7.1.1. iPhone 4s. Yep mine does the same thing as far as resetting an app once I dbl click home and tap it to the foreground because I'm multitasking. It's pretty irritating. The only semi-workaround I have is for tumblr and FB. Even with this they will eventually reset albeit it doesn't seem as quickly.


    With tumblr I'll tap on a picture so that it expands and fills the screen and with FB it seems that if I tap on a link to view in their "web browser" it will take a little longer before it resets to the top of the newsfeed. And I'm talking about when I go to multitask something in another app.


    Also noticed that if I open a link in twitter it will reset but not to the top of the feed thank god :) it just resets out of the link back to where I was in the feed. And if that was as bad as it got with other apps it wouldn't be that big of a deal.


    Mainly I've been trying to just open links in safari and put them somewhere to be read for later.


    And yes I agree that it seems like Apple is hauling *** thru new software and making devices unusable/obsolete when it doesn't seem like their long term users really want them to.


    If this was my company and I knew about these problems I would be mortified out of embarrassment.

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    Is there any consensus on whether this is better/worse/same on newer hardware? I've been wanting to upgrade from my 4S to a 5S for ages but worried I will have the same app refresh problem.

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