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Hi, I have a fairly new iPhone 4S which had behaved impeccably, bur when I came to update the iOS to 7.0, through iTunes, error code 6 was returned.  I had to restore to factory settings, which gave me the new iOS and then I had to restore all apps etc from my last back up.  The same thing happened when I updated to iOS 7.02.  I have an iPhone running the latest iOS and it's working fine, but if I have to do this everytime there in an incremental iOS update it's going to be really annoying having to set the iPhone aside for a few hours rather than a few minutes.


I've read the Apple Support docs realating to error code 6 and can't really make any sense of it.  Also, it's predominantly aimed at Windows users.


Can anyone help me?

iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.2