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I have some MiniDV tapes shot in Standard Def and (standard 4:3) screen size.  I want to edit them, add music and titles plus add digital photos.  I want to show to on a Widescreen 16:9 TV.  What is the best setting I need to use so to get the best out of both video and photos on a widescreen tv.


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    I would use a custom SD 16:9 project setting.


    Use a matte as a layer under the SD and photos. Or for the photos, set spatial conform to Fill.


    Good luck.



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    Thanks Russ H for your quick reply.  I am still fairly new to FCP X coming from using FCE not iMovie.


    The project I'm working on I had already started before posting yesterday.  Is it possible to change the settings for what I have already done, or no I need to start all over again?


    Thanks again