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Since I changed to iOS7, which I regret more than anything, not only are many of the Apple Aps unreadable, because they are now using colours which don't contrast, e.g. light blue on white(?), but I have found that my podcasts have disappeared too.

As to the former, maybe the engineers and developers have perfect 20/20 vision, but many people using the iPads, don't.  There is no choice to put it into other colours either.

And as to the latter, all my podcasts have gone.  When I hit the icon, I am shown a black screen for a fraction of a second and then it goes back to the home page.  Anyone have any suggestions as to where they may have gone?  I have looked in all the places that I could imagine, i.e. the iTunes page, Music, etc.  I would appreciate any help as I miss my daily podcast.

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