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I added iOS 7 to iPhone 5 and latest iTunes to laptop.  I load music and podcasts onto iPod Classic 160 GB.  Problem is--after this update, some of my subscribed podcast episodes are no longer on hard drive---but show in iTunes with the iCloud icon.  In fact some previously listened too podcasts, since deleted are shown also with iCloud icon---which busies up my list with unwanted old podcasts.  I CANNOT DELETE THEM OR MAKE THEM GO AWAY!  I don't even care about getting the ones I hadn't listened to back.  I just want to clean up iTunes to eliminate them from showing at all and secondarily do not want them eating up any iCloud space.  Note: I am NOT enrolled in iMatch.  My iCloud control panel only shows about iPhone.  I have no idea how to see or access iCloud for iPod Classic and don't know how it was even established in the first place.


Help!!  Bottom line: I want to delete/remove all podcasts showing iCloud icon.  Even when I download them to harddrive (which is a problem as I'm on limited GB monthly use being on a satellite), I still cannot delete them.


Thank you.

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