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Hope someone can help...


I have well over the number of songs in my collection that will fit onto my iPod, so I have uploaded all of them to iCloud and deleted them from my library.  I want to download some of them now, but suddenly iTunes Match no longer displays those songs.  Previously, the cloud icon with the download arrow button would show and I could download those songs, but now they don't appear at ALL!  I have the settings set to "Show Songs In the Cloud" and they still do not appear (I have turned this feature on and off, hoping to make them appear but it did not work).


I still have all the songs on my external drive, so no worries there, but the main reason I wanted to download from the cloud again was to replace hundreds of songs that have the old DRM protection on them, which I could do if I could get access to the ones in the Cloud.


Can someone help me figure this one out?  I just installed the new iOs and have quit out of iTunes and restarted my computer, etc.  Nothing seems to make those songs in the cloud show up as available to download into my iTunes library.


Many thanks in advance,



  • Michael Allbritton Level 6 Level 6 (16,785 points)

    It sounds like iTunes Match is not enabled in iTunes. Pull down Store > Turn On iTunes Match. You'll be prompted to add the computer. Do so.

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    Hi, Michael, thanks for responding. 


    Unfortunately, I do have iTunes Match enabled in iTunes as you suggested and my computer is authorized.  The funny thing now is that the songs that I do have in my library presently, most of which are indeed already uploaded to iCloud via iTunes Match, are now showing as "Exceeded Limit" when I turn on the iCloud Status via the View menu.  So it's showing that NONE of my songs are in iCloud when in fact I know most of them are as I have exceeded the 25,000 limit!  No matter what I do, I cannot get the songs that are in iCloud but NOT in my library to show with the little Cloud and download arrow icon.  So basically, iTunes Match is useless right now.  I do have it turned on and it says it is gathering information about my library, but it never seems to finish the sequence.  I'm really frustrated and not sure what to do next!

  • Michael Allbritton Level 6 Level 6 (16,785 points)

    How did you get over 25K tracks in your library? It really sounds like you're leaving something out of the description of the problem.

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    I have over 25K tracks in my music collection.  Not all of them are in my library and only 25K are uploaded to iTunes Match.  What I am not seeing now are the songs that I've previously uploaded to the cloud in iTunes Match and then deleted from my library.  When I did this previously, those songs still appeared in my iTunes list with the Cloud download icon beside them so I could download them from the Cloud whenver I wanted to.  What I am NOT seeing now is those songs with that icon, it's like they don't exist any longer.  I read a bit more this afternoon and removed/restored my library xml file to iTunes and started Match again.  It is still cranking through the first step, so not sure it will work.  But right now, all of my songs, even the ones i KNOW I uploaded to the cloud via Match previously, are showing in the list with the dotted cloud icon, meaning, I think, that Match thinks they are NOT yet uploaded to the cloud when in fact I know that they are.


    This defies logic and I have tried to explain as clearly as possible, but if you are confused, so am i!  lol  Thank you for continuing to read and possibly offer assistance.

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    Same here...

  • Michael Allbritton Level 6 Level 6 (16,785 points)

    I see now. You have exceeded the 25K track limit. You must now remove tracks from the cloud. This discussion thread will help you: Re: 39,000 songs, only ~11,000 uploaded/matched. help?

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    Thanks for your reply but I don't believe this is the problem.  When I hit the 25K limit, iTunes Match simply would not load any additional songs and those in excess of the 25K were in my library but with the dotted cloud icon showing they were not uploaded via iTunes Match.


    I simply cannot see AT ALL any of my previously loaded (to the Cloud via Match) songs that I deleted from my library after they were uploaded.  Previously, when I had deleted those songs, they still showed up in my library listing but with the Cloud/Arrow Download icon.  Now they do not show at all.


    Why, when I am only at the 25K limit for songs in the Cloud, do I have to delete any of them to make some of them show up again?  That doesn't make sense to me.  Previously, my library contained roughly 30K songs, 25K of which were uploaded/matched via iTunes Match and the other 5K not uploaded but still in my library.  It's only the ones that I previously uploaded to the Cloud then subsequently deleted from my library that I cannot see. 


    It's like Match needs a re-boot or something for me to be able to see all the tracks I've uploaded to it.  I've tried several approaches, to include starting/restarting Match, installing new iTunes from scratch and deleting, re-importing my library.  Nothing works.

  • Michael Allbritton Level 6 Level 6 (16,785 points)

    The behavior you are describing is the same type of strange behavior other people have reported when they have reached or exceeded the 25K track limit. There are 25K tracks in the cloud and in the iTunes library and you are trying to add more to the library. This can not be done. You need to delete tracks from the cloud.

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    Hm. I had more than 25k tracks in my library for months without an issue. Only ever had 25k in the cloud but more in my local iTunes library. Now Apple is limiting the number of songs I can have in my library? My 160 GB iPod can hold more than 25k songs so why would Apple seek to limit how many songs I can have in iTunes If only 25k of them are in the cloud? This cannot be right. If it is then I am giving up iTunes Match as it is worthless to me.

  • Michael Allbritton Level 6 Level 6 (16,785 points)

    What I"m saying is with over 25K tracks in the iTunes library and the limit reached in the cloud you can see strange behvior like you are describing. The most effective solution has been to get everything below 25K tracks (do a search on this forum for more information). You are free to follow this advice or not as you wish.

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    This thread didn´t helped - but I found a solution on my own.


    1. Start Itunes while holding the ALT Key.

    2. Create a new Itunes lib

    3. in the empty lib - activate Itunes Match

    4. Now you see all your itunes match songs and you can delete them

    5. then restart itunes with ALT key and link to you original library


    DONE :-)





    SO glad I found this solution! 25000 songs coming back to daddy!!

  • Colie Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    All of a sudden my icloud purchases did not show up in itunes.  For some reason "show itunes icloud purchases" has become unselected...seems it may have happened when I updated itunes.


    Try this:


    iTunes Menu -> Preferences -> Store -> Check the box next to"Show iTunes in the Cloud purchases"

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    Man, I signed just because of you!
    You know who you are??? You are AWESOME!!!

    You saved my life. You are a HERO of our time. Godspeed you!

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    Thanks for that. I'd been trying for hours to get iTunes to display my music in the cloud. Presumably, iTunes sometimes goes and corrupts its library files - so deleting and recreating them fixes it.

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