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  • wegras Level 6 (15,035 points)

    It has to be an Apple ploy to get us to use only Apple products.  I have third party cables that work fine in my 5S and keep getting the message in my wife's 5C.  If the cable works fine here and not at all there it isnt the cables fault!  Can you say intentional on Apple's part boys and girls?





    Utter rubbish

    Apple has patented the lightning connector and those that are genuinely rejected are cheap knockoffs from far East where the back street vendor has decided to ignore licensing and patent protection .

    There are plenty of genuine licenced versions available from legitimate vendors which work fine

  • Rcernuda Level 1 (0 points)

    It is not only for new iPhones, I got iPhone 5 and error is showing since upgrade to iOs7 and then 7.0.2

    Apple should be ashamed!!

    Worst glitch ever

  • wegras Level 6 (15,035 points)

    have you tried any troubleshooting as provided or are you just trolling

  • Michael Battenfield Level 1 (135 points)

    I'm not one to just flat-out defend Apple. I've been angry enough with the company many times.


    But in this case- I can't help but wonder how those who are complaining about the war ing and prohibition against uncertified cables would feel if it were their own products and name being cheap-copied/ sullied by these knock-offs.


    Let's see- spend the money to develop/patent something, put your name on it. Then somebody make a copy of it, often if questionable quality, claims to be or substantially be your product. Refuses to honor your rights, name, and intellectual property, some of those products have broken or damaged your products, consumers have used you for damages that resulted from the cheap immigration, and not telling what damage has been done to your name...


    And you are the bad guy for trying to take action to protect your name and products.




    Now- completely disabling the use of third-party cables might be a but overkill... But at least a stern warning might be in order.   And who knows- Apple's lawyers may have payed this to protect them.

  • sdawson36 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have a certified Apple cable at home but I have the same issue and it's driving me nuts. I think I accidentally used a knock-off cable once at a friend's place to charge my phone as I've had the error ever since.  But how am I supposed to know that a friend's cable is a knock off.  It's white and it fits an iPhone5.  Do I ask friends or colleagues with an iPhone 5 charger if it's certified before I plug in - No, of course I don't.  So Apple need to fix this ASAP as this is a showstopper for me - the message pops up on average once every 2 mins.


    If it doesn't get fixed with the next iOS update, I'll just buy a new phone, and probably a Samsung this time. Hopefully Apple read these message boards as it's not good enough.  If there is an easy resolution that anyone can share that doesn't involve buying a new phone, I'd love to hear it.

  • Skullbussa Level 1 (0 points)

    Michael Battenfield wrote:


      But in this case- I can't help but wonder how those who are complaining about the war ing and prohibition against uncertified cables would feel if it were their own products and name being cheap-copied/ sullied by these knock-offs.


    I am not sure if you are being serious or if you have just not read this thread carefully enough.


    We are not talking exclusively about $6 cables bought from some Chinese website. People are talking about legitimate cables purchased from legitimate companies. In my case, I purchased a Griffin PowerJolt SE FROM the Apple Store and it would not charge my iPhone 5S.   After buying and returning several of these, the only car charger sold in my local Apple store, I resorted to buying a cheap alternative from a well-known Internet vendor of a variety of types of cables.  That one works perfectly DESPITE being a "knock-off".


    No, the bottom line is that Apple has made the egregious error of complicating what should be a very uncomplicated proces: charging a device.  Apple nor any one in this forum has been able to explain any benefit to using this absurd proprietary technology. 


    Your implication that anyone who uses knock-off cables 'gets what they're asking for' is ducking the issue: there is a legitimate issue with the way how iOS7 handles charging.

  • Michael Battenfield Level 1 (135 points)

    I have been reading through, and the most venomous and prevalent posters are about "greedy Apple".


    For those experiencing the message/charging issues with supposed genuine Apple or Apple certified cables/accessories- have you even considered CONTACTING Apple or the supplier of that cable or accessory?  His many have swung by a Genius Bar and simply asked "what's the deal"? 


    I bought a couple of cables off eBay and discovered they wouldn't work (cheap 3rd party).  I contacted seller and was refunded. Simple. I didn't bash Apple for it (though I did ask about it here before these threads grew so long).


    If you have a "legit" cable or accessory, take it by an Apple Store and ask. If that isn't convenient, call or otherwise contact support.


    Oh- and as a somewhat related side note- some nefarious sellers are selling fake "Genuine Apple" or "Made for iphone" products. They have the label that genuine stuff has (just like the knock-off life proof and otterbox cases). 


    But again- if you have genuine goods and they are not working, go to the source. Sitting here and posting over and over how awful Apple is for this move, and how mad you are, and throwing around threats of buying a Samsung or other device is so totally unproductive.

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    My iphone 5 has started doing this randomly too. Doesn't need to be plugged into anything to bring up an error.

    It now also doesn't charge on a 3rd party lightning dock (which can have either a genuine or 3rd party cable plugged into it - both of which work fine plugged straight into the phone. Another cable also doesn't work.

    I have tried resetting the device and connecting whilst powered off but no luck.

    Restore is next to try.

    I hope this is a software glitch because the harder apple push towards enforcing who provides the accessories, the harder i will personally try to avoid their genuine stuff... which we know is usually better but anyways...

  • sdawson36 Level 1 (0 points)

    I wanted to contact Apple, but here is the kicker with that.  I live in Singapore and there is no Apple Service Centre or local helpdesk here, just 3rd party service companies, that Apple don't endorse, and that render your phone unsupported if they do anything to your phone. My supplier Singtel (the main local phone provider in the country) has told me they can't and won't fix it as they essentially have no support for it.  Their solution to any problem is to basically replace the handset. 


    But Singtel  won't replace my current handset  since it had been fixed previously (about a separate issue) by a 3rd party (because there is no local Apple Service Centre). So I was already furious with Apple/Singtel before I upgraded to iOS7 and started seeing this charging/cable issue.  This forum was my last resort given there is no-one locally I can take this issue to, but I still don't seem to be getting anywhere.  I was hoping there was a quick fix when I first posted, but apparently there isn't.


    I should also mention that In the absence of a local support centre, I did also use Apple support online but got a standard canned response that didn't resolve anything.

  • Calixtoemilio Level 1 (0 points)

    I try to apply common sense here. Apple owns the Iphone…and now they want to own the accessory market as well. Greedy?


    Yes, but I love Greed, is the driving engine of Capitalism!


    Does it Make sense? It does not!!!!


    Accessories Market is Open and Dynamic on any Industry: Automobile, computer, home builder, clothes, weapon, food….


    I can use the tires I want, the bed I want, the species I want, the software and want, the speaker I want, the Pistol Laser Sight I want.


    General Motors could recommend Firestone, but no obligate customer to use Firestone only.


    That is my point, that is venous greed, hurting the market (us the customers).

    Bad move from Apple, very bad. It is common sense.


    I will switch to Android, my whole family, as soon as it make sense (contract, etc)

  • Michael Battenfield Level 1 (135 points)

    Using bad anaologies does not a good argument make!


    GM or Ford doesn't have to specify a particular tire brand because they put out a set of specification for correct tire size and type that you do have to adhere to (or you risk voiding your warranty and putting your safety in jeopardy).  Tire manufacturers are held ot a certain standard - and if a tire does not meet set standards, they are subject to a Federally-mandated recall and/or serious legal actions both from the government and anyone affected by said sub-spec tires. 


    I'll give you another more acurate anaology - your shiny new car specifically says that you must use "Premium" grad gasoline (92 Octane rating or higher) to prevent engine damage.  But since you know better - that vehicle doesn't really need that expensive gas - so you run down to the local moonshiner and get several cheap gallons of home-made PGA (or maybe you go to the little gas station down the road that has a reputation for cheap gas...) and you fill up with something that your fancy new rig is not designed to run on - and damage the engine... because you wanted to save a buck. 


    Car companies don't stipulate a brand because all gasoline sold in the US is suppose to be accurately graded, and meet certain minimum requirements. 


    Apple sells an expensive set of devices.  And over the years, Apple has licensed the logo and names of their products to many 3rd party makers, as well as provided "certification" for those accessories for the sake of providing a consistent and reliable user experience for their customers.  In the process, they generate a realtively small additional revenue stream.  If you use a genuine "certified" accessory, regardless of who made it - and it damages your iDevice - there is heck to pay...   Same device damaged by a non-certified accessory - good luck.


    One common stipulation on licensing and "certification", is that there is some sway held that if there is a problem, there is a chain of accountability.  Buy a cheap knock-off - who are they accountable to?  Their Chi-Com owners who don't mind breaking copyright laws, trademark laws, and patents?


    I too would rather pay $2 for a charging/data cable than $15-20.  And MAYBE I could get lucky and get one that is cobbled together and overrides the safeguards Apple is now including in the iOS.  But what happens if/when that cable shorts out or comes apart IN my iPhone?  Who do I call?  Apple?  Yeah - right.  They don't (and shouldn't) bear any responsibility.  Yet people have done that very thing - filing lawsuits against Apple when they have used junk (and non-licensed/certified) cables, chargers, and other accessories.  While Apple typically wins (or gets the case tossed out - because their licensing and instructions clearly warn you against such things), it still costs them for lawyers and court costs. 


    Further - While Apple could use a parts-bin connector (like microUSB), Apple paid engineers to develope thier generally proprietary connectors - to meet the needs Apple believes they have. 


    Of course - I just cannot help but shrug my shoulders - when people who purchase what is generally considered a "premium" brand, then spit and complain when they cannot buy cheap, imported, often sub-standard parts for said devices.


    Go buy you a $140K sportscar, then complain when there are only a couple of tire makers that make the tires that are correct for that car.... and they cost over $500 each...  But you found on eBay some tires, drop shipped with free shipping from Hong Kong for $25 each...  And be sure you get REALLY mad at the maker of your sportscar when you get those tires mounted and the first corner you go around, a tire blows and you total out your ride...  Be sure to sue that car maker.  Yes, they specified a specific kind of tire - with limited availability... but you saved $475 per tire.  It is still thier fault the car was wrecked...  Oh - and that HK company that shipped you those great tires... good luck holding them accountable for ANYTHING...

  • Calixtoemilio Level 1 (0 points)

    Dear, that is my whole point!


    Why should a handset manufacturer imponse licensing to the accesory manufacturer?




    Why should  a 'connector' be a subject of licensing?


    There is even no need to use a license,  to assure that the accesory works "properly". It is just a connector!!!


    Obviously Apple is trying to make money, a fair move.


    Obviously is hurting us the customer


    Maybe you are fine buying only from licenced vendors. Your choice, you said it!


    I am not!!!


    I want the options that the open market can offer me, buy the ideas created by the audacity of today small innovators not having to wait for a bureucrat sitting in San Cupertino, to issue a permission to sell me what I want.


    I would accept the recommendation, but I love taking my own risks as a free (and responsible) person.  If anything, obviously it would be my fault, no Apple´s!!! Never said the opposite.


    btw, you must notice there is difference between Standards and License....the first follow the quality, but the other follows the Money.  That is why your examples do not apply here.

    Intesting enough, going to something more sensitive,  license wise, Jaibreaking the iphone, is not illegal! Go figure.



  • Michael Battenfield Level 1 (135 points)

    There is even no need to use a license,  to assure that the accesory works "properly". It is just a connector!!!


    So that is why some USB cables carry "certified" labels as well?


    Thousands of junk connectors flood the US markets (not just Apple knock-offs) - that are just that - junk.  I have lost data before using a cheap USB cable connected to a drive.


    You comment on jailbreaking - no its not illegal - but it does void your warranty!  And indeed - under the iOS user agreement (end user license) - any manipulation of the software in an unauthorized way (ie - jailbreaking) is a violation of the agreement....  The jailbreaking activity also is pushing legalities, as significant reverse-engineering is required to accomplish it.


    But jailbreaking is a completely different and unrelated issue. 


    And I stand by my illustrations... my wife's van is a Toyota Sienna.  When it came time to change the transmission fluid, I found that - at the time, only Toyota made/produced/offered fluid that was compatible (and it IS a big deal).  I couldn't (well I guess I could if I didn't mind having to quickly replace the transmission) just drive down to the local parts store and pick up some Dextron-"certified" fluid - or even a "universal" transmission fluid.  It was Toyota.  Proprietary (but it was for a logical reason - their transmissions are very sensitive and tuned to a very specific weight of oil and the package of ingredients).  Other companies now make "compatible" fluid - and it might be close enough to the OEM formula to work... BUT - they cannot use the Toyota name or logo, nor can they claim to be the direct replacment - without both a licensing fee and a certification program.  Yes it makes a little extra $ for Toyota, but it also protects the customers.


    And "it is just a connector" - tell that to the half-dozen cheap original iPhone charger connectors that have literally come apart on me over the last couple of years.  My OEM cables are still great.  The licensed 3rd party cables (somehwat less expensive) I have also are still working great.


    And again - the licensing for charging cables is a VERY tiny part of Apple's revenue.  Mabye it helps pay for the lawyers that defend Apple regularly from crazy lawsuits from idiotic users.


    I sure hope you don't some day design some kind of device or connector, in hopes of getting paid for it, only to have some Chinese company make cheap knock-off copies that are junk - but will still damage your reputation.

  • Calixtoemilio Level 1 (0 points)

    USB Certification, is the right to use a LOGO. That is it. Ok? The analogy does not make sense.


    You keep pointing to the risks on using low quality items on expensive products. I agree!!! Did I say no?


    But I want it to be my responsibility. Now Apple is restricting my Actions.


    My point is, that licensing a connector, because it is still a connector, hurts the Market. It does, no way to argue against that. That is why your USB example did prove my point.


    Put an Apple Logo on Apple certified cables….we will both happy.

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