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After IPAD2 has been updated to IOS7 it activated and asks for a passcode that I used long ago and do not remember.  Restore from my laptop does not work because it still asks for a password.  What can I do?

iPad 2, iOS 7, Passcode Lost
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    Normally it is this solution:



    If that doesn't work, try via recovery mode:


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    I Got This.

    My iPad 2 On iOS 7.0.3 (Latest Update). After updatintg my iPad To iOS 7.0.3 , and asking for set the passcode, after more than 1 hour, i forgot my password and my iPad has blocked. They also Message Read "iPad is disabled" and "connect to iTunes". And i go to computer with windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit, and i connect to iTunes and sync. I Want To Back Up Before Restore My iPad, And Cannot back up because iTunes Ask to me, "your iPad is locked by passcode/password, before you back up, first you unlock the passcode to back up". That is.

    And i select "Restore iPad".


    Was Helpfull?

    When You Restore your iPad, All Data on your iPad Has Lose/erased when you not backed up.

    when you want to back up, thats not work. Because Your devices is locked by passcode. when locked, back up is not work.


    Thank You!!!