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    Quiet frankly I've been having this problem only since getting a laptop and putting music on my iTunes. Apple has been becoming more and more of a freaking god **** nuciense than anything making everything overly complicated. I can't just drag music into my music I have to go onto the phone and click on add too plus bull crap. I've used autofill, tried fadiddling with the settings on my phone, and the summary on my phone settings. Nothings working, I'm not going to go through the ******** of restoring my ******* phone. I think I'll just go to apple and see what those jabroni's can do for me, as if they can screw any more up than they already have coming out with super ****** software.

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    I feel your pain. You're not long for this world (i.e., thread) BTW.

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    Oh I think its Apple on the way out, if you've got stock nows the time to get out.


    If you work for Apple because its creative - get out before they destroy you, your kind are not wanted.


    Apple is following the same path of Microsoft and Nokia, tell us what we want, when we want it, how we want it and demand compliance.


    As Microsoft and Nokia find out that does not work, we vote with our wallets.


    Still the Harvard Stanford non performers will be able to rape Apple with huge salaries and Powerpoint presentations that spin the bad into good.


    The only question I have is who's next?

  • Ash A Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks funniehuh, you saved the day!

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    I just popped a CD-R in my drive and burned myself a sweet mixtape. Going back to my trusty old Discman.

  • gcylam Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    p.s. with electronic shock protection too

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    Okay guys... I finally figured it out, and got it by complete fluck, the trick is a little reduce loud but it works, and takes some time. So first of all when you plug your phone in...DONT let it auto sync it, then go in your phone, and into your music. When you get there go to manually and not entire library. There is a bottom button that says "fill empty space with music" uncheck that. And have absolutely ZERO music to download, apply/sync it. When it's done make sure on your phone it has gotten ride of the music you used to have. Now go back into your music, select the "full empty space with music" and apply/sync again, and all your music will be on your phone. This worked for me and I hope it does for you too.

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    i do not know why they made such a complicated transfer? samsung, ericson, nokia are too user friendly that transfering songs are just a seconds job. i never see complaining and asking those users than apple. i have spent more than 10 hours to sit on computer at different time but still not able to find out how to tranfer song to i phone 5. can you believe the day i bought this fone 7 months ago, has same songs downloaded by seller. i think apple knows how to make i pod and phone in two different gudgets but when it comes to combine it together, they have no clue how to keep it simple and user freindly.

  • monymkr Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    i followed your instructions but got stuck in 'Music' there is Entire Music Liabrary but its default setting so can not click either on this or 'Selected playlist..'

    how to click and see 'fill empty space with music'??

  • monymkr Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    i think i better dump it buy mp3 player. totally nusense and wasting time. they think that this is the most simpler phone ever been made! c'mon they have to wait and watch what is coming next that u think and it does. u cant think multiple complex numerics at a time, what u think is simple so your phone must read your mind and do what you just think. they are far away in technology when it comes to 'just do it'

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    Removing passcode and deleting and re-adding music library fixed my problem with an ipod touch too.  Thanks!

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    i was having same issue and i was determined to get this problem resolved. i went to the music tab where you would click sync music and i then i clicked on "selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres" and then clicked on "automatically fill free space with songs" and then clicked back on "entire music library" and clicked done and it synced all my songs to my phone. i also have "show all music" turned off on my phone under music settings

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    Thank you so much for all the advice. Finally after months of re visiting the issue and working through everyone's suggesitons I FINALLY have my music now syncing from my computer to my Iphone4.


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    Tried many of the solutions like turning off passcode lock; and going to settings, music, show music. Here's what worked and is the quickest solution - at least it worked.


    On iTunes. Click on your connected iphone/ipod. When the screen changes, if it's not on the Summary tab, click on Summary. At the top click on Restore iPhone or iPod. This should restore to an earlier version and not to factory settings which saves you tons of time.


    Follow directions. Your iphone or ipod will reboot and hopefully your songs are now on your device.

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    I FIGURED IT OUT!!!!! i had the same problem as you, and i was actually getting so mad cause i had around 100 songs that werent downloading, so what you have to do is when you are in your summary for you ipod/iphone whatever, go down to the bottom where it says options, and click manually manage music and videos, so that means you just have to click on the songs you want to download, or the album, whatever is easier, and sync it, that is how i got mine to work, and i found that the easiest and fastest way to do it.

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